December 2, 2014

Living the Wisdom of Love


It takes courage and strength to walk the talk of our heart <3 Many talk and write about Love, how many does truly live it? If we are fully within Love and are transparent, this means that what we say or do, in every moment, no matter the time of the day/night, no matter who we interact with, we can be proud of within truth, integrity, and honesty. We are to BE the presence of the Love we wish to see in this world. If not us, who?
When this is so, we are fully living within pure true Love, and serving All That Is through it. Whatever situation we are in, we have the opportunity to consciously choose to bring Love into. We have the opportunity to master Love here on this planet, and therefore enjoy its wonders and miracles. This has nothing to do with what we simply do (to others or the self), this is purely a state of BEing, about fully accepting and allowing ourself and every other being to be who we are, here and now. Love our whole BEing fully, BE honest with ourselves and deeply know our core of perfection and inner balance in every moment on this infinite journey of ever BEcoming.

Love is kind and patient, it has no expectations, it has humility and compassion, no matter what. True Love is not easily offended, angered, or hurt, it keeps no record of "wrongs". To Love others without any sort of conditions whatsoever, takes beautiful vulnerability, trust, and strength. True Love is never rude, it is not proud, it does not envy. Love trusts, has faith and protects.

Love thyself, for it is key. Let yourself BE fully who you truly are, follow and do what you Love, let yourself feel what you feel. In this, we allow others to do the exact same thing. Together we live the wisdom of Love.

I AM that I AM

I Love You <3

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