December 2, 2014

Gratefulness and Hot Cocoa Sparkles

Hi, beloved ones <3 We are rapidly approaching christmas, and this can bring up lots of different things in people. It can indeed be a time of stress and pressure, and not the joyful and peaceful time it should be. I would like to remind of the stillness we always have within us, of the Love that we are, and of the beauty of BEing, and counting our blessings in the present moment. Feel gratefulness <3

Today's tip to bring in even more cozyness and sweetness into our life through the little everyday sparkles, is to make a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy it in bliss;)

Here is a vegan, healthy and extra magical hot cocoa recipe that I made yesterday, which I enjoyed while putting up a gingerbread smoothie recipe here on my blog and watched a Christmas movie:

Approximately 2.5 dl/1 cup (or a bit more) rice milk
2.5 tsp raw cacao
2.5 tsp coconut sugar
a dash of cinnamon
1 small pinch pink Himalayan salt
a dash of vanilla
a few drops of peppermint flavor

Drink in christmas joy!

So much Love and Magic to you, Lina Louise <3

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