December 6, 2014

Full Moon In Gemini, December 6, 2014

Happy Full Moon in Gemini <3

Beloved hearts <3 We are BEing asked to stay open in heart and mind, open up even more, combine the higher heart with higher mind, and know our power within Balance and pure Love. 

This moment, right now, can be felt as perfect through an attitude of appreciation and gratefulness. By seeing life's journey as moments for learning and for growth- the challenges, and blessings are all deeply embraced and is seen as perfect for our growth. 

Our power lies in the present moment, and how we use energy. We can BE within Love and Create with this energy, or be in fear/control (destructiveness). 

To benefit wonderfully in the present- we are to BE empowered from within and have a great attitude, and an appreciation for- and celebrate Life.

Wishing you an amazing Full Moon experience <3 Enjoy and truly acknowledge your amazing growth that you have done lately, see how much you have accomplished and learned. Honor your passions and ideas and follow them fully. Express yourself through beautiful care. 

The key message is to have deep gratitude, and count our blessings. Celebrate Life and Love. Right here and in this present moment- Beloved Gaia.

I Love You <3

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