December 9, 2014

Magical Sparkles From My Bubble

Hi, dear ones <3 I hope you are having a lovely December so far. For me, it is as I felt when I tuned into this month in November, this last month of 2014 is for moments of pure BEingness.. BE and Create as the divine mother within a sacred space and in a beautiful Void of pre-creation, receiving, nurturing the Self and Loved Ones <3 Let things flow and grow in its own pace. We are building up for a 2015 with very intense energies and new levels of consciousness in this physical vehicle, we are also in for some quite extraordinary changes on a personal level, which means on a collective level as well, all connected and affects the whole. So I feel that if you/I feel guided to enjoy some extra stillness, go into "cave-mode" from time to time, and really savor every moment in full presence, we shall allow ourselves to do so. This is to be remembered again here on Beloved Gaia- the creations and manifestations that comes from embodying the divine feminine and balancing it with the masculine. We are learning again to create with the feminine too, create through pure BEingness and Love- combine it with Light (masculine), to make Magic and miracles BEyond our imagination as the Crystal Light structures that we are now.
Stay open, embrace and anchor your reality from Within. Breathe it in/out/through you and transmit, sweet Crystals ;) <3

I AM receiving so much information/downloads/remembrance at this "time", this requires centering in the heart space, and allow it all to flow through my BEing. We got to remember that it is all about flow.. not try to hold on to- and "collect" info. Allowance and trust:) This is my key message for Now, the beautiful flow and non-resistance that comes from full allowance, in all areas and moments, and complete trust in the self and the circumstances.
I AM also expanding in my service work, I AM BEcoming even more intuitive and are getting beautiful and often very accurate and confirming insights for the person I AM guiding to guide him/her self. This brings me pure Soul Bliss, we are here to remind, help and support each other in BEcoming empowered from Within ourselves, so that we can live and Create here on Gaia as the beautiful Creator BEing that we are.

It is indeed wonderful with all this going on within us and how much we are expanding, we are creating and emitting New Earth from within us. As we Unify within, and walk more and more into a 5D reality (and BEyond)- our surroundings and circumstances around us are changing too with this, of course. I can feel when I AM experiencing another dimension, and when I have unified timelines Within. This is what we are doing, we are unifying many timelines, our multidimensional aspects are BEing embodied in this physical body to Create New Earth for all who chooses so, we have free will here on the planet, so it is a choice and a devotion. Anyway, lol, what I AM getting to is that there has been such beautiful magic in the air here, and I have been enjoying beautiful and amazing moments that has made me completely speechless.. of course there are challenges and such, it is a part of this physical reality, and it makes us grow and motivates us, but they are handled within more joy and flow. Just because there are challenges and thing to learn does not mean there need to be suffering, lack, and pain, there is a big difference. What stops us is fear (control, doubt, victimization etc.).

Here are some Magical sparkles from my Bubble. May they bring your heart some extra Magic too:)

Golden Sun shining on fluffy sparkly snow <3

Pineapple cravings :))
My current food craving is definitely pineapple, it is perfect now, Love the consistency, the juiciness, and sour-sweetness. Delicioso!! A tip is that if you have small coffee cups, but don't drink coffee or feel that these type of cups are too small and fragile, lol, use them to serve fruit, deserts or side dishes such as salads in!!, I think it looks adorable:) This cup I bought at a flea market many years ago.

Gingerbread House Contest!
My sister and her classmates attended a gingerbread house contest, of course I adored them all, and had to snap a picture of some houses;P The smell in the air there was divine, and made me crave gingerbread cookies, so I will bake sugar- gluten- and dairy- free ones this week, I will share the recipe here on the blog, of course:)

The house from the movie Up :D I Love that movie, and this house looks so adorable, they even made the little dog <3

This house is beautiful, wow!

A gingerbread house in summer, so sweet and cozy it looks haha!

Sugar house :) like a little winter castle. I met a sweet mini angel there who felt that my picture needed some extra gingerbread:)) guess there can never be too much of it! ;P

A house of cards, inspired by Alice In Wonderland. This is awesome!

Breathtaking beauty <3
Love, Love, Love!, this winter amazingness we experienced as we were out on a drive this past weekend. So fluffy and beautiful... and a golden sunset is always wonderful to have the privilege to witness..

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes, Christmas is all around me, and so the feeling grows! ;P  Some small Christmas sparkles <3
I adore to drink hot cocoa in winter time, so that has to be on my Sparkle list;) I make a yummy vegan, and sugar free drink with an extra Christmas kick to it! Lol <3 Oh, and all the nick nacks on my table is flea market treasures iv'e made through the years, exept for all the crystals and quartz haha. A great way to be nicer to the environment, the wallet, and it brings a more unique feeling in the home, and sometimes the flea market earnings go to a charity, which is the case of my favorite place, so that's just wonderful <3

Hot Cocoa With Extra Magic
2.5 dl/1 cup (or a bit more) rice milk
2.5 tsp raw cacao
2.5 tsp coconut sugar
a dash of cinnamon
a dash of vanilla
1 small pinch pink Himalayan salt
a few drops of peppermint flavor

Drink in wonderful Christmas Bliss <3

I baked a Swedish Christmas bread the other day, it is called vörtbröd, we eat it for Christmas:)
I will probably share my sugar- gluten- and dairy- free recipe for this type of bread here on my blog:)

A sneak peek at my Angel collection, definitely belongs to my favorite Bubble sparkles <3
I Love to see them standing there on my windowsill, spreading their peaceful song of Love and Joy.

If you don't get some sort of Christmas feelin' in your heart by looking at this picture, I don't know what will ;P They had made it this beautiful and magical in the village my sister lives in, oh it was such a joy to visit and see/feel this. Looks like in a fairy tale, truly a magical place here on Gaia:) <3

Christmas Magic and Winter wonderland in all its glory and bliss haha, but no matter what or when, what truly brings me bliss is my babies and family. In the "end", what we have is Love, and each other, right?! <3
My baby Angels when I created this post, sleeping in their fluffy cloud <3

I hope you enjoyed my little sparkles. Wishing you a wonderful present moment, enjoy your own sweet sparkles and count your blessings. I Love You <3

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