January 22, 2015

Activations and Upgrades

Beloved hearts <3 Peaceful harmonious beautiful moment to you. We are going through intense upgrades now and we are shifting so fast. There has been super high frequencies the last few days, and this is indeed felt. Also hunger increases with these, lol!
Many clearings especially in the mental and emotional bodies, as these are the ones that has built up most beliefs. Old beliefs must be released so that we can move deeper into the new unknown. Create new paths there, for ourselves and as support for all who wishes to do so too. We are to be fully open, and be unattached to old beliefs, because to be able to embrace something new, we naturally are to let go of something else so that we make space for it. 

So if you do feel a bit of confusion/unclarity at the moment, simply observe and know that the bodies are clearing. No need to try to cling on and try to make sense of it all. 

I have felt powerful activations and expansion in the head, and pineal gland these last two days. An increase of Light flashes and such come with these. Our pineal glands are activating more from the photonic Light frequencies which are coming trough in an ever increasing rate.

Embrace change and embrace You. BE your essence and breathe your New Earth reality/hologram in/out, transmit it from within. Focused intent and vision. <3

We are such amazing Creator BEings, and we have all we need within us to fully BEcome this Truth. So allow for some beautiful balance between pure BEingness/stillness and doing/being "out there" at this time. Be gentle and trust it all. Trust that what you feel/say/do/experience is perfect in every moment and that it brings you exactly what is needed.

The New is fully allowing and accepting of all as they are in their unique essence. It requires full acceptance of change, and it requires full faith and trust:)

Wishing you all so much Love and harmony. Follow your heart fearlessly and proudly;) We are to Live our passion and truth, in this we allow others to do the same. 

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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