January 19, 2015

Initiating, and Appreciating the Totality of Creation

Hi, beloved ones <3 Happy Monday to you :) There is such beautiful peaceful intensity and quickening of manifestation now. For me it is so, the creation process (less passive word for attracting) is so fast now and there are so many moments of awe and Magic for the manifestations that come in a very grounded and simple way:) 2015 is the year where we really start to experience our desires and true hearts dreams more in the physical/material (horizontal) plane. We have been clearing, preparing, released, and healed to be able to step over the threshold now and BE the Masters of alchemy that we are in Truth. Creating utter Balance between the upper/"spiritual" (vertical) and the horizontal.

We reach this through Unity-consciousness, and therefor selfless service to the One- embodiment of pure Love and BEing Love expressed. This has a ripple effect which reaches the whole planet, cosmos and BEyond.. We in fact, Create worlds in this state. So this is why 2015 will bring us so much change- we are beginning to initiate and give birth to the New on All planes, to emanate pure Light, and to live as wayshowers of the New.

It is important to truly know and feel that this material reality is exactly as important as any other plane/dimension/timeline. This is the key to freedom and full potential. We are to give honor and respect to form, because in order for the deepest truth to be embodied as you are- form must indeed be respected equal to the formless. There are to be Full honor of the totality. <3

I AM wishing you a beautiful present moment and wonderful new Creations from your Soul. Enjoy the Magic, and remember to not look at the world to know where we are, look at yourSelf by living from the heart space, we transmit our reality/hologram (the true Self and immediate surroundings) from Within.

Embrace the quantum immensity of Creation, dear sisters and brothers in Love and Light.

I Love You <3

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