January 12, 2015

New Phase- Intensity, Unification, Mastery and Focus

Hi, Beloved ones <3 I hope you are having a good start of this new year, it is indeed an intense "time" we have entered, and it is of course ongoing. We are stepping "up" in our different roles and tasks, moving (emitting from our heart space/within) more- and rapidly into the New which we are co-Creating together within divine Love and Light. "Up" we go!!, indeed. 2015 is the year of Unifying and merging our multidimensional aspects/expressions in this reality here in a profound and what I can feel beautifully intense way. We are indeed entering a state of BEing which we have been told about/felt a long "time" now. It truly feels as if all we have done here so far has, like many says, been a sort of a preparation for what is to come/emerge from within us. 

We are to BE conscious about what we are Creating/emitting from within us, as that is/will be our reality here. We do this every moment, whether we are aware of it or not, so we are to Create our lives and immediate surroundings by aligning with the frequency of it, which we already hold within us. We can see where we are by observing ourselves and our environment closely and consciously, in many moments throughout our days. We know that we are Creating (a non passive word for attracting) from Soul-desires by listening to our feelings and if we feel a pure sense of Soul bliss when we do something.

The ever increasing Light is so very strong/bright now, and it demands peace and harmony. Wherever this is not so, it will stir up and highlight what needs to be changed/shifted/let go of/released/cleared, personally and collectively, on all planes and in all areas. It does not "wait" or hold back anymore. So we will either feel elated by it, or stay in fear (control, old beliefs, victimization, inferiority, judgement etc.) and therefore feel an increase of pressure and discomfort. All will amplify, no matter what "direction"/way we choose to focus on.. our choice/reality/creation.

We are supporting the collective through us staying true to our True Self, our Soul, our essence- by us purely BEing within divine Love, staying grounded and fully centered in our heart space. The heart space is where we Create/transmit this hologram/reality we are in. 
Our BEingness within pure Love, peace, deep presence and groundedness is supporting/flowing into the grid of Light beautifully and therefore amplifies and supports all in their transformation, release, growth, expansion, as we are BEcoming our True Selves here. 

We are stepping up in Mastery, and are/will have many beautiful moments that offers us an opportunity for Mastery. Many of them is about patience, unattached compassion, and deep appreciation of the diversity within this oneness.

The more we move into the New- the more unique in our roles/BEingness we will be. The only way to true Unity is by having deep embracing of, appreciation, allowance, and acceptance for All in their uniqueness, as they are.

Blessings to you, dear individualized Sparks of the One, enjoy and savor every expanded Now moment in this experience we are going through here. All circumstances, experiences, challenges are indeed an opportunity for Mastery. We exist for the sake of existing, and we Create for the enjoyment of it and sense of Soul bliss it gives us. Simplify wherever you can, let go of all unnecessary tasks and interactions as we move rapidly into the New now, and it is key to stay balanced and centered.

Sending you Blissful playful fun from me and this amazing pure winter wonderland we are having here, the snow just keeps falling and I enjoy the Magic of it so much. Enjoy Mother Nature and her miracles, connect deeply and ground yourself into her.

I Love You, hugs ❤️

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