February 16, 2015

Flow, Magic, Beautiful Activations and Expansion

Hi there, beloved Sparks <3 Happy Monday to you:) I hope you all had a lovely, peaceful and fun Valentine's weekend. I enjoyed it all so much, and just to feel all the Love energy in the "air" is pure beauty <3 makes me all blissful. 

I feel we are having activations and expansion at the moment, and March with its Equinox will be bringing powerful expansion, activations, and divine remembrance. I remember the absolutely stunning expansion we had at the last years March Equinox, of course this year it will be completely different and have another intensity to it since we have expanded so much since then and we are able to hold so much more Light. 

Enjoy all this, beloved hearts. Listen to what your body needs and do what your heart/core/feelings wishes. Flow and be within playfulness, excitement, anticipation and full faith. Emit your reality from Within. Expect Magic, miracles, and the BEyond beautiful and amazing. There are No limits, and with awareness and by BEing Conscious- we notice so much wonder and pure amazingness everywhere. It is starting Within us and is therefor all around us too, micro and macro One.

Wishing you a most beautiful new week. May it bring so much amazingness, and may it be filled with peace, bliss, realizations, clarity and fun. Let's play and Create within ease and without pressure. Flow flow flow, all is manifested/created/materialized from Within us. 
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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