March 5, 2015

Happy Full Moon

Happy full Moon <3 Today I saw the first ladybug for the spring, I have never seen one this early of the year before so this little one was such a precious messenger on this day, and I will let this red lady be the Full Moon inspiration. 

It brings luck of course, that's what ladybugs do lol, and it brings a message of happy times, enjoying and honoring change, which is constant of course, beginnings of new phases and chapters, releasing worries and have faith that everything flows in perfect pace, there's no need to push or try too hard in anything. When our wishes and desires is for our higher good and complements our journey at this time, we will bring them into our lives through going with our feelings and taking guided action. If it is not time yet and it will distract us, we will get it a bit later. 

Honor and live our truth, stay fully true to ourselves and live our essence. Living Love and truth is simple, no need to make it complicated and be conditional on ourselves or anyone. Transmit from within, the surroundings follow. Breathe it in/out/trough the whole BEing. Know, BE.. your unique Universe of Self as source. 

Enjoy these exquisite Full Moon energies, dear Sparks. 

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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