March 18, 2015

Trust, Empowerment from Within, Soul Integration

Beloved hearts, I hope you are having a lovely day <3 

There lies such immense power and beauty in Trust. Trusting our Self as Source, our feelings, our intuition, and our experiences fully. BE within full faith, and full empowerment from within as a Unified (divine remembrance of our true self) HUman. Full empowerment, and take responsibility for our selves, words, thoughts, actions, deeds, experiences, and whole lives makes us able to move into new timelines who support our intentions and things we wish to experience for the enjoyment of it. 

We can easily see where we are in empowerment and Soul integration by observing our relationships, if they are somehow repetitive and seem to have something in common with each other that we wish were different, and also how much egoic desires we have of wanting to talk and explain, give opinions, and need to say our "thing". The more we can simply observe, allow, BE, BE within divine neutrality and feel pure enjoyment by having full allowance and appreciation and embacing of all and everything, just as it is in the moment, no need to explain, defend, discuss, prove ourselves and/or others, get away from it or hide or run. 

Living within full responsibility and empowerment in our own lives. This makes us simply live our truth, our essence, and our Love. BEing Love expressed and in action. Let our lives, and whole BEing express our truth and our divinity, but for ourselves as Source, and not for others, as we truly have nothing to prove to anyone whatsoever, One. So very beautifully blissfully peacefully simple it is in truth, right here and now in these beautiful physical vehicles. Living grace divine. Creating for the pure enjoyment of it, existing for the sake of and wonder of existing. Embracing it all.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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