March 20, 2015

Happy Super Moon Total Eclipse of Equinox Sun

Happy Super Moon total Eclipse of Equinox Sun, and Friday to you, beloved hearts <3 Wow, a lot is going on, lol;) Today, March 20th, we get a new moon only 14 hours after reaching its closest point to Earth in its orbit, which means this moon is a super moon. This has a very strong effect on us. This super moon also creates a solar eclipse as it gets right in front of the Equinox Sun today. The eclipse actually amplifies in a grand way the Equinox energies which are coming in through the Sun, and our inner Sun. One.

The Equinox gateway is a very potent one, I and many sense it may be the most intensely experienced one in years. I AM feeling the intensity and activations deeply, a lot is shifting and I AM feeling that new levels of Mastery and vibrational frequency is emerging/BEcoming. Opening up to so much pure divine REmembrance of perfection and wholeness of all in Creation through BEing within simplicity and no labeling in any area. 

The energies we receive (create from within us) produce amazing activations for us. 
It is of course unique to all what they will experience and go through in this. So we shall just stay open, present, calm and centered, to allow ourselves to have a most beneficial experience. Embrace whatever comes up and trust ourselves fully.
This super intense and potent period now may call for utter stillness, allow ourselves to take extra moments to relax and rest, if we so feel guided. These energies and activations are powerful and can be extra intense for our physical bodies more than our inner- as there we are fully ready and able to handle these sort of things. 
So listen to the body, listen to what it needs, take care and nurture it in excellent ways. <3

Wishing you wonderful eclipse and Equinox experiences, sweet ones <3 and wishing you a magical Friday and weekend.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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