February 2, 2015

New Space

Hi, beloved hearts <3 Happy February to you:) I felt that this month started in such a soft and relaxed way, did you feel it too? Yesterday, February 1st felt as if it brought yet another huge shift into a new reality. It brought an acceleration and increase of focus for us, no matter what area, as we are all having different journeys and roles here. But United we are as a singularity of Light. 

Here we have been moving over the weekend, and I AM now so very and completely grateful and happy to be living in a house instead of an apartment. I can be out on the yard and, well shovel snow mostly at the moment, which I Love so much, and have missed for many years, lol! I also have so close to the forest and wonderful spots now, which makes me so blissful, as the Nature Lover that I AM;)

I AM expanding so much at this time. When we do, it means we are able to hold/bring in/create even more Light from within us. 

This new year truly brought with it so much Magic, in all ways and forms. We have indeed entered the year of starting to bring heaven to this realm for all. By us doing this, we support and inspire others to do the same through the upliftment energy we bring here. We are now in a phase where so much is/will manifest/materialize in the horizontal/physical reality. I notice so many simple, beautiful, grounded, magical and completely amazing blessings and happenings in all areas of my life, and are now experiencing a new reality. We see this by staying open in heart and mind.

Dear ones, I AM wishing you a beautiful month of February, the month of Love;P All day every day is a celebration of- and within Love for us of course;) But indeed February holds such a sweet and beautiful energy. Enjoy it, enjoy living your essence. Sending you so much Love from this New inner/outer (One) space of mine.

I Love You <3


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