February 5, 2015

A Little Bubble Update

Hi there, sweet ones <3 I hope you are having a lovely day and a beautiful start of February. As I wrote in my Full Moon post, we are truly in a phase now where we start in profound and intense ways to bring fourth/emit our desires and dreams. We are now in the year of manifesting our own heaven on Beloved Gaia for All. As we raise our vibrational frequency and follow our own passions and do what bring us true Soul bliss, we uplift all and everything in this, All One, all connected. As I like to say; if not us, who? As a powerful cosmic BEing, we are to be empowered from within, we know that there is no "out there", our physical reality hologram is transmitted from Within us. This is our Mastery, and this is what we are doing now. We are simply starting to enjoy the fruit of being in full faith and surrender in every moment. So whatever we are now attracting/creating/manifesting in the external and in our lives is simply for our Souls enjoyment, because we have reached to Mastery of the phase we have been in until now.

This is why we are here on the planet at this time, we are anchoring the New, as crystalline BEings merely appearing in human form, BEing consious and focused in our creations. Following our Soul passions as we are now an embodied Soul, no separation.

For me, this year brought with it such beautiful Magic that I almost can't find the words to express it properly, lol! So many blessings and magical happenings in all areas of life. With this I do not mean there are no challenges, I simply mean that I can go through them much more easily and so much more effortlessly. This is indeed the New, we learn, grow and expand as always, but not through pain and suffering, but more through joy and full responsibility, integrity and empowerment. I feel that by staying centered in the core/heart space, no matter what I do or what is going on, my vibration and balance does not get affected. It is sort of observing in divine neutrality, and therefor handle things in a grounded, peaceful, allowing way.

This past weekend we moved from an apartment to a house with a yard, and forest super close to it. The move vent very well, much more easily than any other move, and there has been quite a few, lol! That we were able to move to a place like this is almost making me speechless... It all happened so quick and easy, it simply was divine timing. As I AM so conscious and open in heart and mind, I notice and feel so much Magic and miracles in all areas. They are grounded, pure, simple, and beyond beautiful.

Here are some glimpses from my Bubble these last few days <3

To be able to stand in the yard and enjoy a sacred space in Nature like this means sooo much to me, and I have been dreaming of it for a long time. <3 It will be amazing to sit out here and eat, do art, talk, dream, soak up sunlight, look at the stars, and whatever more I feel like doing, lol ;P

To open up the front door and this is what is right outside is pure Magic to me;P <3 and
the doggies Love it too, lol.

View from the yard of the snow covered trees:) I Love it!! And now with all the snow 
we have gotten, it looks like a fairy tale winter wonderland..

Will be lots of Sun charging out here, that's for sure;)

Out exploring the Nature around the new neighborhood <3
It's always so much fun to find new beautiful spots and areas in Nature.

My little nugget is enjoying <3

Found a stream, this must look so pretty in the summer time!

Aaaahhaha it's like walking in a fluffy snow flake! 

Evening walk, looks like Milton is being beamed up;) lol!

The pure bliss of enjoying a morning smoothie to a view of fluffy winter
Magic <3 Yes!
My smoothie: frozen rhubarb, banana, chia seeds, and rice milk. Yum:)

My current Creative project!, lol! 
Repainting my old lamp stands, making them white.

A sparkle of Magic <3 I found this necklace with a heart pendant on my favorite thrift store. The necklace was only 1 euro, and I saw that the chain had a silver stamp on it so I bought it, haha. I did not think too much about the pendant as I thought it was just a random cheapy one that will loose its color. When I got home and were to clean the chain I took a closer look at the heart, and noticed there's a silver stamp on that too!, so now I have this new necklace that I can have forever if I so wish, lol.. <3 I feel it was meant for me to have the heart, it is so precious, and is such a sweet gift and confirmation from Spirit for me.

It is one of those pendants one can put tiny pictures in <3
I feel I might put a little quartz in there instead.

Me and my snow shovel, haha:)) I have always Loved to shovel snow, 
and have missed it for many years as we have lived in apartments.
Now I get to shovel sooo much snow that I almost can't keep up!! Lol!
I Love it!
Be careful what You wish for, hahaha <3

I hope You enjoyed this little glimpse into my Bubble. Wishing You so much Love,
blessings, and miracles. Open up the heart and mind, feel your inner Magic, and notice it
all around you too. Stay true to your essence. 

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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