February 8, 2015

Preparing, Accelerations, Staying Focused, March Equinox

Hi, Beloved ones <3 I hope you are having a peaceful weekend:) 
There is a huge shift and acceleration present for us who are choosing to embody divine Love and Light at this time, BE the anchors and wayshowers of the New Humans and way of Living as Love expressed on Gaia. 
I feel that we are in a phase now leading up to the March equinox gateway which in we are sort of staying more in our sacred space, finishing up things, purifying, preparing, making space for something New. Plus that there has been Solar winds the last few days, so we might feel this, also in our bodies. 

There will be huge accelerations coming with the Equinox for us who have chosen the ascending path at this time on the planet. 
So we and Mother Gaia are indeed preparing to give birth to a new level of BEingness. We may feel guided to do whatever we feel is supporting ourSelf at the moment, it may be to take some more time for rest, stillness, interactions and communications with our teams and guides, or such. The March equinox last year brought huge shifts and changes, and this year it will of course be a completely new level to it.

It is so beneficial for us to simply listen to our hearts and allow ourselves to follow what our inner guidance is saying. This intense time is gone through smoother by us BEing out in nature, rest when needed, drink lots of water, create whatever we feel we want to create, to let our Life Force flow. 

Take this time to enjoy your sacred space, allow for some extra You time, as it is through this we can assist all. As always, we are to never look at the world to know where we are. We are the ones bringing in/anchoring/transmitting New Earth and Golden humans. We are the ones to Live it, so no waiting or old beliefs of not being ready. We are entering just as we are and we are the Masters. So stay fully focused, give minimum attention to the rest. 
This is the year of truly embodying Unity consciousness and start living our New Earth lives, in whatever unique way that is our own and in accordance to what our hearts want.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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