March 30, 2015

Equinox to Blood Moon Gateway, New Light, Shifts and Expansion

Happy Monday, beloved hearts <3
I hope you had a sweet weekend. We are in the Equinox to blood moon gateway and are still receiving/creating from within us amazing energies and new light which supports huge shifts and expansion. We are moving into a period of great opportunities and changes so the expansion, shifts, and "letting go" is what is making us more ready and receptive for it. 

It has been/is intense for the physical body, lots of rest and sleep may be needed to be able to integrate it all much easier and shift/merge timelines. Drinking lots of water helped me to ease the head aches from the amazing expansion there, and it is important for growing and programming our crystals in our bodies. 

There truly is such beautiful amazing intensity now and I AM honoring you all as we embrace this and bravely move deeper into the unknown/merged timelines/merging our multidimensional aspects here. This we do by living our essence, listening and trusting ourselves fully, and BEing within full faith.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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