April 1, 2015

Happy April

Happy April!, beloved hearts <3
This first day of the month feels so calm and peaceful, truly beautiful energies. As I enjoyed the beautiful light today and took this photo out on the yard I could hear a couple of doves making their beautiful sounds in the trees behind me. They represent divinity and Love, and the motherly Love of nurture and no conditions. It felt so beautiful that they were here to spread their magic and grace on this first day of April. 

I AM welcoming this month by celebrating our strength and grace we show as we are in these amazingly intense energies with opportunities for so much inner empowerment, standing in our own power, listening and trusting ourselves fully, and wisely choose and seize opportunities that come our way. There is such beauty in complete surrender to the flow of our expansion and BEcoming/REmembrance. 

We live and take action by listening to ourselves, our feelings and our bodies, in every moment, and we embrace wherever new that comes into our awareness. This is how we live and embody Soul, we do not need to push things or we do not struggle and resist because of holding on to old ways, ideas, beliefs or such. 

I AM standing tall and keeping my head high. I AM listening to my higher heart and combining it with my higher mind, living from the whole heart space. I AM trusting myself fully. I AM within complete faith. I AM divine Love, I AM presence. I AM giving a space for whatever feelings, ideas and thoughts that comes up in the moment, and therefor hold them in beautiful grace, allowance and not taking them out on anything or anyone, no matter what, because there is full responsibility and knowing of transmitting our physical reality and immediate surroundings from within us. We are the Masters, we are the Creators. No conditions and full embracing of whatever we feel and allow a space for it in the moment. 

Enjoy these exquisite energies and shine brighter than ever before, shine with inner empowerment, truth, strength, and Soul beauty, sweet ones <3

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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