April 4, 2015

Happy Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

Happy Blood Moon total lunar eclipse, beloved hearts <3 This full moon supports in even more inner empowerment. REmember that we our self is the only one who can ever "give away" our power or allow others or circumstances to make us feel victimized or such. This does not mean we do not "need" others, we benefit tremendously by being open and listen to/embrace what others has to share with us in a pure way. The uniqueness and difference between us is what makes a perfect wholeness. 

We are balancing even more, balancing ourselves, balancing our relationships, balancing our lives, balancing doing/masculine and BEing/feminine. Balance is everything.

This is the end of a planetary marathon which started in June 2012. So this is a beginning of a new phase for us. On deep levels we are also integrating all the changes we have made during this 3 year long process we have gone trough. Take a moment to reflect "back" on- and honor all that has happened and changed within you and around you during this phase we have just ended. Here's to a new phase of infinite possibilities, expansion, BEciming and creating!

I hope you are having a lovely present moment and are enjoying these most exquisite energies we are in now. Wishing you wonderful full moon experiences. 
Within divine Love, divine Light, divine peace, and divine grace.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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