April 4, 2015

What Does It Mean to Be a Balanced Mature HUman?

Dear hearts <3 What does it mean to be a balanced mature HUman? To me, it is shown through the trust, faith, kindness, unattached compassion, and Allowance we have, no matter if it is embraced or not by another in that moment (if it is something we share of course). Because it is always a choice for all of us if we allow ourselves to be open and see and receive this from another. It is about letting go of needing to have control (mind), move into feeling (heart space), and embrace this very moment as it is and flow in it and therefore see the miracles and imperfect perfection of it:) 

It is also about having Allowance for all, no judgement, opinions, or need to discuss or explain or defend ourselves and others in any way. Full trust in ourselves as source, trust in our BEingness and trust that if it is meant to BEcome, or be embraced/understood/felt, it will be so simply by us living and BEing open. 

When it comes to relationships of all sorts, a key is to be open and in no way needing to have an opinion of others or such, because that can be very "black or white", since we never fully get the "whole picture" that others may be sharing with us. It is also about exchanging energy with others. It is a communication between hearts too, so it is again about balance, balance between words and feelings. Higher mind and higher heart. Listening and responding, the more we listen instead of just feeling the need to share our truth, view, point, ideas, opinions, the more content and peaceful we get. 

We are balancing ourselves in every moment, and constantly will, even tho it is nothing we need to make effort to do. Balancing ourselves, balancing our relationships, balancing our lives, balancing doing/masculine and BEing/feminine. Balance is everything <3

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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