April 14, 2015

Honoring Divine Couples

I AM honoring divine couples <3

True Love, two BEings, two Sparks, within divine Love, sharing full freedom and trust between each other. They are whole and balanced within themselves. There is devotion to their purity, truth, beauty, and selfless service to all of creation. They have same frequency and goals, always. Their differences makes them complement and match in true divine perfection as the polarities that they are. 

If we are in, or wish to manifest a relationship/union with another we shall know that we deserve full respect, and devotion to each other which means full faithfulness, time and focus. Nothing else is even in their awareness because they feel and know that their Union is Sacred and Holy, and is therefore Honored in every moment, no matter what they do or where they are of course. We deserve someOne who Loves and absolutely adores everything about us, Everything, no matter what. There is full embracing of- and allowance from them towards each other. 

In a true Union of beloved hearts, there is no doubt, no boredom, no deep lessons to be learned (only releasing of old within each, so that a full opening up towards each other happens). 

In a Union there is full embracing of each other, they honor the uniqueness of the two and honors how they complement each other through this. There is adoration and devotion BEyond words. There is always support and patience. There is completely full Trust, and there is complete transparency, openness and vulnerability towards each other. To share, talk about, and express everything, no matter what it is or how it is or sounds, is a natural thing in a Union like this, and there is never ever any need to hold back or hide anything. 

REmember, beloved hearts. There is no need to hold on to or be afraid to let go of someone who can not reflect back the Love we hold and the devotion we have. Because when we let go, we make space for something new and something that may match our new space and our choice to go for our higher good and expanded reality. Here it is about listening to ourselves fully, listen to what we feel.

In a divine Union, the divine Love the Beloveds hold and share is allowing pure source Light to flow through them to all, they serve creation simply by living Love, wholeness and freedom, and by whatever they choose to do and create. They as true Beloveds also show/anchor for the world the ultimate Lovers here on Beloved Gaia through their wholeness, full empowerment, and balance within themselves and then combining this with the other for wholeness and balance between each other.

Two hearts beating as one. <3

Yes, sweet ones, it is not just possible but this is everyone's birthright, to have a Union with another in this way if we so wish. Everyone can BE a Divine Couple, it is not limited/exclusive/unique to a few in any way. We are in truth reflections/extensions of the divine Mother-Father Love. We can choose to embody our God-Goddess Self and BE it in form/flesh. All starts within. Key is full Love for all of the self, its parts, aspects and particles. No matter what. This Love is then reflected back to us. So by observing our relationships we can see the Love and respect we truly hold for ourselves. 

How we treat, talk about, think about and are towards others is in fact what we are also doing to ourselves. So here it is about having Love for ourselves, no conditions on ourselves, and this makes us treat all other BEings with respect and no judgement, and also manifest a Divine Union. Trust the self, have patience, trust divine pace, timing, perfection, and will. So very simple in truth. 

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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