May 8, 2015

Beloved Doves

Hi there <3 I hope you are having a lovely day and are enjoying your inner Magic.
Yesterday when I went out into the kitchen I looked out the window and I saw that the two forest doves who live in the trees around here were strolling around in the garden. I AM so happy that I got to see them more closely and were able to take a picture of them to share with you. I always Love to hear them sit in the trees when I am in the garden, how they make sounds to communicate and call on each other. 

It felt so precious to see these here today and they brought a message of truly feeling and BEing our divinity, BE divine Love, divine Light, divine peace, and divine grace. Know deeply and trust fully that we are exactly where we need to be and are doing exactly what we are to do in this ever expanding moment. Stand tall, steady, and proud. Allow our hearts joy to come all the way out and not hold back our joy and happiness because of how it can trigger others. We are REminding each other of our divine greatness, which is about inner empowerment and Mastery. Full responsibility because of the knowing and feeling of self as source. 

These beloved doves are saying to us that we shall spread our wings of pure Light which are emanating from our open heart space. Allow our joy to express itself in any way we feel, and shine the Light and essence of our Soul. 

May the divinity, peace and pure Love of these precious doves bring your heart and whole BEing even more magic and faith in this moment.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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