May 7, 2015

Our Greatness, Creating within Pure Joy

I AM celebrating our true greatness <3 

Beloved hearts, we are shifting so very fast at the moment and are opening up to hold even more Light. This also means we go through many initiations and we are bringing forth old to be released/let go of, in what way and intensity is all depending on where we are on our own unique journey of ever BEcoming. 

This year is, just like many of us felt, the year of true change and manifestations in the physical, because we have done so much inner "work" and are ready to merge and balance the vertical/"upper" with the horizontal/physical reality even more. We have stepped into a space now where there truly are no limits to what we can create. Of course this is so as long as it comes from a place of pure joy. 

We are REmembering our Mastery and this means completely full responsibility for our lives, actions and thoughts. It is all about having an open heart space and creating fully from there. 
We are to realize and release the potential we have within us. Create our magic, miracles and beauty in any way that brings us a sense of Soul bliss. Right here right now.

Full faith. Full trust. 

All and everything is opportunities for Mastery and therefore moving into timelines/merged timelines where we are supported in living our highest good. <3

I Love You, beloved sparks, I AM sending so much Love and harmony from my heart to yours. I AM so grateful for BEing here on Mother Gaia sharing and co-creating with you all. 

Lina Louise <3

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