May 4, 2015

Creating A Sacred Space

Hi, beloved ones <3 I hope you are having a lovely present moment, and that you have had a wonderful weekend. There is such intense expansion energies at the moment and a beautiful way to feel clarity and peace in this is to connect with Mother Nature more. I do this when I AM out in the garden, creating a sacred space there, and cleaning up. 
Here are some glimpses from this weekend in the garden, the miracles and new life that is now shining with its joy and beauty here. I AM so very grateful for BEing able to enjoy them all.  <3

Orange and purple flowers on the table <3 The colors of divine creativity and divine royalty. 
Perfect <3

Peacefully and blissfully working <3

Beautiful red tulip <3

I AM collecting heart shaped stones to place at this spot <3

Anemones shining with their pure sweetness and beauty <3

My little pure hearted baby unicorn <3

Crystallized stone BEing, laying here charging up in the sunlight and radiating with its amazing powerful golden energy and essence of divine balance  
There is a triangle pattern on the other side of it, which represents the holy trinity of the mother, the father and the divine child of creation. One plus one equals three. When balance is made between polarities, the third energy is then created. <3 <3 <3

<3 <3

New Life <3

Precious ones <3 

So much Love, Lina Louise <3

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