May 4, 2015

Full Moon Magic

Beloved ones <3 What a truly wonderful weekend this was, and the full moon celebrated it all by bringing forth even more Magic. We are expanding, integrating and giving birth to so much New at the moment. Listen to what you need and allow for naps if guided. We open up so beautifully and integrate when we sleep, this allows us to shift and merge timelines and realities in stunning ways, which then supports us where we are. I have been needing to take naps these last few days, and I deeply feel the power of them.

As I went outside today to bring in the crystal BEings that was charging in the full moon light this night, I noticed that one of them was missing. I had a dark purple amethyst in the middle when I placed them in the garden. This is a message of BEing empowered from within and not have attachment, letting go and trusting divine perfection. This precious one had other work and service to do in the world. I AM fully certain it will do much magic, wherever it is and will end up. 

Trust, have full faith, allow and make space for New, embrace. <3 Expect and BE open for the unexpected and truly BEyond magical. Do and create things for the enjoyment and heart bliss it brings, and simply for the experience of it, right here and now, with no expectations and conditions. This brings gratefulness, pure Soul bliss and wonderful grounded opportunities that we can choose to embrace and take guided action on.

I AM wishing you all such a wonderful new week. May it bring beautiful REmembrance and miracles. Blessings, sweet ones. 

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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