May 29, 2015

Crystal Wisdom, Shifting, and Openness

Beloved hearts <3 I hope you are having a peaceful present moment. 
I AM feeling a big shift taking place these last few days, and especially today there is a lot of intensity in this. We are jumping and taking big leaps, quantum style. 
I had a crystal dream this night, which always is a new initiation and opening to something. 
As often, I found and worked with them in water. I found beautiful big crystal clusters. They were clear crystals with such purity and high vibration to them. This shows me that there is a passage into even more clarity, awareness, balance and purity in all ways as we let go of "outdated" tasks or interactions, and go through this shift that feels so profoundly fresh and welcomed.

There are truly amazing activations and initiations to higher service and new levels of Soul embodiment in action. But, this does not mean that we only have happy fun things presented. Yes, we all go through challenges, and whatever we may need to be able to grow, all is opportunities for new levels of Mastery. Challenges with people, with ourselves, with pets, with situations and circumstances. 

REmember that we have each other, we are in this together to share and co-create on our own unique journeys. We are here to support and be here for each other in one way or another. We shall not be afraid to open up for support and allow ourselves to help each other. No matter the way, if it is in person from friends/family/companions, or in writing, from other realms, or in any way that suits us.

I notice beloved companions who are so tough and hard on themselves, which means onto others too. Know that giving or receiving, are both equally heart warming, and we shall open up to both. 

I AM honoring You. I AM honoring your vulnerability and beauty. I AM honoring who you have been and who you are in this very moment. I AM honoring your Mastery. I AM Mastery in action. I AM divine Love, divine Light, and divine peace. I AM, we are. 

Wishing you so much Love and Blessings. 

Within divine harmony and grace. 
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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