May 22, 2015

Stunning Expansion

Happy Friday, beloved sparks <3 I hope you have had a beautiful week. I have been feeling such stunning increase of incoming waves/emitting from within us Light these last few days, and many of us feel this. The beautiful intensity of this is for me more expanding in feel than ever. Truly stunning! The current timeline supports in so much more opening up to hold even more Light, and anchor this into beloved Gaia. 

REmember, sweet ones, everything is relative, we give things meaning. We transmit our reality from within us, which does not mean it is to be created in a way we may believe with our HUman mind always. I AM approaching and seeing everything and everyone as an opportunity to bring forth my Mastery even more. No matter what. I AM the experience, I AM allowing a space for it, I AM divine Love, I AM divine Light, I AM, divine peace, I AM divine grace. I AM, we are. 

Shine oh so bright in your Mastery, beloved one. May you all have a wonderful weekend, enjoy your Magic, enjoy your beautiful uniqueness and feel the appreciation for everyone's views, and see how we all contribute to our co-creation in divine perfection.
Wishing you so much Love, and Blessings of pure joy, bliss and abundance in all ways to you.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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