May 2, 2015

Little Sparkles From My Bubble

Hi <3 Happy May!, beloved hearts <3 I hope you are having a lovely start of this beautiful month. There truly is such BEyond stunning energies now of great support for our own inner REmembrance. There are so many revelations and opportunities coming forth in magical grounded ways. I feel and see this in my own life here, and notice and hear it from others too. For me, this has and is requiring a lot of focus and new actions to take. We are to simply let go of previous beliefs and expectations, fully trust ourselves and our intuition/REmembrance, take guided action, and follow our hearts and our joys. By doing so we live our essence and embody our divine Soul. We are moving deeper into the New unknown/merged timelines rapidly, and it is truly exquisite. 

I have been expanding into the awareness so much more of living every moment as sacred. I deeply feel the sacredness of whatever I AM doing and experiencing. There is also so much more sensuality felt and embodied. At the moment I feel guided to not be "out there" so much, but to rather enjoy more pure BEingness and savor every moment and revelation within me in deep presence, focus on it and take new actions according to what comes forth as I REmember and embody more of my multidimensional aspects here.

There is not much more I will share about all this at the moment, but here are some little sparkles in my surroundings that indeed reflect and show my inner state too. As within, so without.
I feel sacredness, magic, beauty and sensuality within me, and therefore notice it and create it in my surroundings too. <3

On my night stand <3 These hyacinths were growing in the garden but they were hanging down and wasn't to happy there. When my grandma came to visit she said I should cut them off and put them inside in a vase instead. I felt it was a good idea and that these precious ones wished to serve with their beauty and fragrance in this way. Thank you mother nature, it is indeed an honor to enjoy your flowers. <3

As the sun were setting the other night I felt to let my crystals and gems charge in the golden light of the evening, so I placed them outside for a while. They get so clear and sharp when being able to enjoy this. <3

One of my current favorite fruits are pineapple. I Love it so much and it always makes me feel so energized and amazing. They almost always have organic beautiful pineapples at the store now, so I AM very happy about that. <3

My yin-yang babies <3 I have enjoyed moments out in nature and the peace and magic it brings even more of is truly so wonderful. 

Beautiful anemones everywhere here <3 Little white sparkles of pure sweetness <3

New births everywhere <3

Creating a sacred space <3 I have been collecting some crystallized stones, and have placed them in the garden. It hasn't been living anyone here for a long time so this space needs and deserves some taking care of and nurture, to be able to BE the beauty it really is and wants to be. It has been a dream of mine to take care of and help an old garden to really birth forth its glow and shine again, without needing to do much more than to give it some attention, work with what is already there, and add pieces that I find out on my nature walks. This dream has now manifested for me here. I AM so happy and grateful for this and will do my very best to help this garden to BEcome a sacred space for me and anyone else who spends time in it.

There are ladybugs everywhere in this garden <3 At one time I could see five of them at once in just a little spot. I see them as symbols of Love, luck and happiness, and I AM so very grateful and honored to BE accompanied by these drops of Love. <3

The honeysuckle is birthing forth new leafs <3

Wishing you a wonderful new month. Enjoy and savor every moment as much as you can, and enjoy your own unique little sparkles. 

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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