May 2, 2015

Celebrating My Angel

Yesterday, May 1st, my precious angel turned 16 <3 He was so playful and energized on his special day, and had some fun in the garden. I AM so happy that he gets to experience having a garden to be out and play around in again, after many years living in an apartment.
I AM deeply grateful for the truly enormous amounts of magic and joy this Spark brings into our lives. To have the privilege to share life with this BEing is such a joy. To savor and find contentment in any situation and place, that is one of the greatest things he brings awareness of. <3 
I allow him to drive me crazy sometimes, yes;P but in my heart I enjoy that just as much as all the other moments. It is Life, it is sharing, it is co-creating.
I AM honoring and celebrating my beloved companion. I AM celebrating the dance of Life and Love, I AM celebrating 16 years of this most sacred physical temple if his. <3

Happy Birthday Fritz <3 I Love You so much <3

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