June 8, 2015

Self Mastery, Empowerment, Responsibility, and Allowance

Beloved hearts <3 We give everything meaning, only we ourselves give things meaning. We feel and choose how we see it, what it brings us, what it brings to All, what it represents and symbolize, what it can assist us in. This is merely my own view on it all, and I share only in the hopes to bring you even more REmembrance of your inner empowerment, which is the core reason and energy in all that I share. 

Everything is relative, so to me, the "truth" is that we are creating/"imagining"/manifesting/seeing/believing merely what we ourselves as Source are creating. We are all existing in our own dimension, one could say, there truly are endless ways and views. And I choose to embrace every moment and person as a dear assistant to my own Mastery REmembrance, just as I AM to All. We are co-creating and sharing divine wonder, miracles, expansion and beauty. Whatever we do, are, feel, think, and create in every moment is also for- and assists All.

There is no control in this, no need to expect anything from anyone or anything, no need to expect certain outcomes, because the openness, allowance and embrace of even more amazing things/experiences/outcomes/manifestations is what brings me in alignment with my highest good and the timelines supporting this. 
Enjoy the intention, take beautiful action by trusting your heart and Soul. 

Yes, all this brings us full responsibility for our lives, our surroundings and our circumstances, so it is about BEing brave and kind to ourselves. It does Not mean the "not so fun things" in our lives are "wrong" and a sign we are not doing "good" enough. Mastery is about embracing, not conditioning in Any way whatsoever. So Allow, embrace, give it Meaning, grow from it, thank it/them for what it/they brings to you.

All this may be applied to our state of living, as long as we are Safe and in no abusing environment, which means BEing safe and treated with respect emotionally and physically. There are No excuses in any whay for abusing situations, it is our birthright to claim our wellBEing through safety and respect, no matter what we may need to do to reach that in the moment. I do wish with all of my heart that all are able to find a place of safety.

May we enjoy, celebrate, create, and honor our own Master Self, our passions, our creative Magic, our beauty, our power, and our need for no control and no need to put conditions and expectations on ourselves, other people and the world. This opens up to timelines supporting our higher good according to highest authority. Mother Gaia is fine, she has always been and always will be, there is no time, we switch timelines, and are Now merging many timelines into One Here, which we may call the new unknown, the dawning of the new golden age on Gaia. How exiting to be able to experience, what an honor and privilege.

I AM celebrating the Master within me, and this celebrates the Master within you. I AM shining bright and standing tall in my Mastery, in the Light of God-Goddess Love expressed in form.
I AM, we are.

Wishing you so much Love and Blessings in abundance.
Within divine Love, divine Light, and divine peace.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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