June 12, 2015

Clearing and Programming Crystals, Living Highest Good, Trust and Faith

Beloved hearts <3 I hope you are having a lovely day. Happy Friday! Today we had such a beautiful day, I got inspired by my friend to clear crystals in water outside, and then program them with frequency, but I wished to stay in the garden. What I simply did was to fill a glass tin with pure water, I placed some of the crystals, raw quartz and quartz pendants that I wished to clear in there. I let them BE for a while, then I took moments for each and every one to bless them and program through sound and touch with the Love I hold in my heart. 

Be creative, find solutions, if we wish to do something, find a way that works in the moment. Work with what is available right now, and open up to the Magic we hold and can create. This is how I have lived for a long time now. For example, last summer I sat on our balcony but in my heart I was in a garden, it was my sacred garden in every moment I spent there, and that's what I felt and saw it as. Now I can enjoy my inner sacred garden all around me too. I AM so very grateful for it. It was simply so that this timeline would support my highest good and my higher service. Because this is what I desire, and this is what I intend, to live my highest good and through this serve all of creation in it. Then I surrender and trust, no expectations. Full trust and faith.

Within divine Love, divine Light, divine peace, and Mastery. I AM, we are. Playing as the Light in form. 

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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