July 1, 2015

Ease, Simplicity, Relaxation

Beloved hearts <3 In this now moment is where our Mastery, full potential, and creative power lays.
Ease, simplicity, relaxation, gentleness, and calm is what opens up to our Mastery, and our true potential. We hold it all within us, and right here in our sacred heart space is where we find full fulfillment, wholeness, contentment, satisfaction, and happiness. These things are the core reasons on deep levels which makes us search, need "more", desire, and the more we try, the less we feel relaxed and fully satisfied. 

By moving our awareness into full presence and allow ourselves to BE, we realize that it is what it is, we are what we are, and it will be what it will be. Pure Magic in this moment. Right here right now on beloved Gaia.

It is in the full allowance and embrace of simplicity and relaxation that we embody our Mastery and allow for deeper integration. Only by moving all of our awareness and BEing into this present moment can we access our true full potential. Here is where we can bring fourth realities and dimensions, but not from curiosity or desire, but merely it will BE a natural result of our full acceptance and joy of being in this present moment.

Embrace all your emotions, all that you feel and all that you are.

So very simple it is <3

I AM celebrating our greatness, our beauty, and our power. I AM celebrating pure relaxation.
Within divine Love, divine Light, divine harmony, and Mastery. I AM, we are. 
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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