July 29, 2015

New Focus, Embodiment, Our Hearts Truth and Wisdom

Beloved ones <3 We are in intense shifting times of new focus. This rose in the garden shows a heart core, this is what we are moving deeper into, fully living our true hears truth and wisdom. For us who are moving into our 5d reality through awareness and mastery, there is a deep sense of moving deeper into our Goddess and God power and creative abilities. A phase of our lives are finding closure at this time. There is an intense sense of shedding and peeling off the remaining "old" that must be done for us to be able to fully embrace our new earth selves and all that comes with it. 

I AM moving deeper into my Goddess embodiment, and choosing to BEcome my highest potential here on beloved Gaia through this and the polarity balance within and without. There lies tremendous power in full surrender to- and embracing of our own unique hearts desires, and embracing our creative force through pure Love.

There lies beautiful power in embracing our feelings and emotions fully with no fear, standing tall, listen to and follow our hearts, proudly and strong live our own essence/our hearts truth and wisdom in this moment.

I AM celebrating the pure beauty of no conditions on ourselves and therefore none onto others either. I AM celebrating Love and Light balance. I AM celebrating the dance of God and Goddess in and around all and everything. 

Enjoy your own unique journey, honor your inner sacred marriage. 
Within divine Love, divine Light, divine goodness, and Mastery. I AM, we are.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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