August 8, 2015

Lions Gateway

888 Lions Gate wide open <3 Blessings to you, beloved hearts on this powerful day of new energies inflowing/created from within. This influx of Light will bring about accelerations in our multidimensional aspects embodiment Here. We are stepping into a powerful phase now where we will have many new experiences throughout this fall. All to help us expand and to anchor divine Love-Light into the collective consciousness. 

Embrace whatever you are passionate about, embrace your whole Self and feel how absolutely beautiful and magical you are in your own unique way. 
We are way past comparing ourselves, our experiences, our realities, and our creations with any other being at this point. This is a fully unique journey to all, as we are all at the perfect place for our own Mastery and ascension timeline REmembrance, our expansion, and our growth. 

REmember, sweet ones, do not ever hold back and limit your Self because of fear of triggering others. We are not here to adjust to old beliefs of how to act, behave, and how to live life. We are here to shine bright with out Light and stand tall and proud within Love and kindness. We are here to live our own truth and Magic.

I AM celebrating all of us. I AM celebrating the uniqueness and full value of all and everything. I AM celebrating the divine perfection of the universe. I AM honoring our beautiful physical bodies, our pure hearts, our strength, our courage. I AM honoring that we exist, and are now here living a most precious life in HUman form. How amazing!

Wishing you all a wonderful Lions Gate an Saturday experience. EnJoy, relax, stay open in heart and mind, embrace, right here and now on Mother Gaia.
Within divine Love, divine Light, divine harmony, divine goodness, and Mastery. I AM, we are.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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