October 23, 2015

Solar Flares, Gateway

Happy Friday, beloved ones <3 I hope you have had a lovely week and are enjoying your day. This night I dreamed of us having solar flares, and it turns out we had had a 3 hour long one this past 24 hours or so. That I dreamed about this tells me it is a powerful one! This can be felt intensely, we are being upgraded to be able to hold even more Light, we download codes and activations for our blueprints, to live as the golden HUmans here. So take it easy during this phase, stay relaxed, breathe deeply, go on walks to move some energy gently in your body, and be deeply connected to Gaia.

Love and many blessings during this gateway phase we are also in now through the 25th. 
I Love you. ~ Lina Louise

Our baby doing lightwork in the garden earlier on this most beautiful day <3

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