December 6, 2015

Divine Heart Centered Goodness

Blessings, beloved family of Love-Light. I feel to share about the magic of stepping out of truth. Sharing, talking, discussing and searching truth is a common thing amongst the "spiritual" people, but it may not be what will actually shift our reality and world. 

Our world will not truly be transformed and changed into a peaceful reality by any sort of "truth", wether we believe it to be the highest truth, the ultimate truth, or call it a spiritual truth. It will not be transformed by us defending or discussing our truth/beliefs about life, about what's wrong and bad with the world/others, about how to create a peaceful loving world, what we should or shouldn't to to live as masters, or what we see as the truth. None of this is really helping to shift the world and our own immediate reality. It can give short satisfaction and it can help us move into another level of consciousness yes, but it will only take us to a certain point, it will not take us to the deepest of heart centered peace, simplicity and goodness, which is what has the power to shift and create realities of peace and harmony.

The moment we fully step out of the limited realm of truth and let go of the excitement we get from this realm, we open up a whole new chapter. The chapter we open up I call the chapter of divine heart centered goodness. Here in this space, there is no interest in knowing or searching "truth", and all the drama that comes with that, especially in relationships of all sorts, between friends, family, coworkers, intimate ones, and the relationship with all in existence. No matter how much we know, study, and how much we live our truth and share our truth, if it doesn't make us feel good and happy on deep levels, and if it doesn't make us have harmonious Loving connections with others, we must start to see that there's something not working. 
If we can't get along with others in this never ending truth realm, and it just limits us, how is this really helping to create a new simple Loving, peaceful reality?

Whatever we give our focus and attention (energy) to, is what we "feed", no matter how bad and wrong we believe the thing/situation/persons/circumstance to be. Live and be what you wish to see. It starts with each and every one of us, living goodness and peace.
In the realm beyond truth, there is no defending, discussing, correcting others, or endlessly searching for truth and campaigning our current truth. All this is just limiting us, it creates disharmony and breakups in all types of relationships, which most of us may know and have experienced in some way.

So it is about letting go of fear. Fear is the reason we hold on to truths and labels of any sort, and it is the reason we feel threatened/defensive.

May we respect and be good to ourselves and others. May we breathe deep, be the breath, and within divine goodness meet everyone exactly where they are.
So much Love and blessings to you.
I Love You ~ Lina Louise <3

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