December 1, 2015

Happy December

Happy December! Blessings, beloved hearts, may you all have a wonderful start of this amazing month. We still haven't gotten any snow here, so I am enjoying the beautiful green moss, but definitely looking forward to when the snow start falling down, can't make those snow angels in moss;P 

We had a most beautiful golden sunset today, open up and receive the harmony from it and from our crystal beings. The crystals message for us all for this last month of 2015 is to enjoy, relax, count our blessings, and notice all the things in our life to feel grateful for. Trust life, trust the universe, align in heart space and enjoy heart centered simplicity and magic. 

I wish you a peaceful harmonious December. So much Love and so many golden blessings from my heart to yours. I Love You ~ Lina Louise <3

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