June 16, 2016

Sorting out my wardrobe

Hi! I am going towards a much more simple and minimalistic living, so lots need to go. To me a simplistic lifestyle means to live with awareness and mindfulness, a well thought out home. I still want to have beautiful things, but they are to be something I really Love, use, and feel very good with. Lately I have been going through all my clothes, shoes and accessories. I have been donating big amounts so far and it feels amazing!! We don't need to go to extremes at once and get rid of large amounts, we can take it slow and do little at a time, it is a process to go towards a more simplistic mindful living. 

My advice for those who wish to bring in more mindfulness in wardrobe and home is to let go of things even tho they may have been important or gifts or is very nice. The only thing that we must ask ourselves and be honest about is; do they serve me and are essential to me, to my needs, and my lifestyle right now? do I use it? do I feel amazing when seeing it? do I absolutely Love it right now or is it a Love for something that is long gone in the past. One more thing to have in mind is to have clothes that are versatile, this way we can make more out of less.

A glimpse of my closet right now, I Love and feel best in white and earthy tones, so this is what I proudly have in my closet mostly. When I need to buy clothes, I try to mostly purchase from thrift stores, this is a good environmental friendly option to buying from ethical manufacturing brands, organic, and fair trade clothing brands, since it is very expensive. Conscious brands or thrifted finds, either way by buying from those we are not supporting the fast fashion giants that has no humane and Gaia friendly manufacturing processes.

I have one pair of blue jeans and one pair of white jeans, this is enough for me since I like to mostly use more casual and soft clothes. In the past I had lots of jeans, when in thruth it wasn't necessary at all, I see now. In the middle I have my white sweatsuit, and at the top I have my shorts and one skirt at the bottom of that little pile. I Love how simple and fresh my wardrobe is now! And I'm dot done yet, this is an ongoing process of course. 

This is a little (very little, yes I have had a lot!) bit of clothes that I've sorted out. 
One good way to sort out clothes and any stuff is to make 3 piles. 
•One for things to donate.
•One for things to sell. 
•One for things to throw away.

I recommend tho that if the sell pile hasn't been sold within a week or so, donate it. There is no need to have piles of sorted out stuff laying around in hopes of someday someone will want to buy it. If there's any interest from people to buy your things, it shows pretty quickly.

I am very happy to have started this journey of mindful living in my home and wardrobe too. It feels wonderful to get rid of old stuff and therefore energetically and physically too make room for new, which may not be stuff - abundance and blessings come in many forms. It is crucial to circulate in this way, circulate energy is what keeps us moving forward, otherwise we get stagnated, our home is stagnated and our life may feel stagnated. Stuff and material things are not meant to distract us or keep us happy, they are here to bring support and practicality and a sense of calm and tranquility. 

I wish you a wonderful day. ~ Lina Louise

June 8, 2016

Succulent joys

Blessed day beautiful people! Lately I have grown a passion for succulents, I Love their beautiful abundant appearance and their strength. I have merely just a few of them, but it is perfectly enough for me! Yesterday I split up our big aloe indoors plant as it was full of little new babies. It tuned out to be a whole bunch of new ones!

Three of the baby aloes I put in these little pots. These pots has been a little project of mine this last week, they were orange, and I wanted white ones, so I have panted them with a few coats of nice white paint. I put little quartz pieces on top of the soil as a nice toutch, which I absolutely Love!! I am happy to be using this quartz that I have picked here in nature these last few years. I placed them on this white wooden tray, and I put quartz crystal as a gorgeous accent on the tray. Mama Gaia has the best and most beautiful decor huh! 

I let our indoors succulents and other leafy greens stay out in the afternoon sun yesterday to charge and enjoy the light and fresh air. I Love them all so much and it is a joy to see them grow and change.

Here's some of all the aloe babies that I potted. It is wonderful since it is an edible plant, and it also a wonderful skin moisturizer. I simply cut off a leaf and use its inner liquid on my skin sometimes, it feels very refreshing and pure.

Much Love from all my plants and I ~ Lina Louise 

April 28, 2016

Simplifying after the full moon

Hi! It's been a good while since I posted something here, but I intend to start sharing more from my simple peaceful life here on my beloved blog. It is a beauty in sharing and hopefully along they way inspire too in some way. But I do fully feel that the most sacred and truly valuable things is not freely shared and given. It is about a deep self respect, values, and also honor of alls sacred journeys to keep the most sacred parts and moments private. To me, these most sacred things is never in need for attention or to be freely given, as it would ruin it's true value. We are god/goddesses walking this planet. Our own self respect is crucial, and we must respect everybody just as much by letting them discover and find out their own magic instead of tag along someone else's. For it is all up to our own imagination, this is how source creates and it is no difference for us. So never ever believe someone else's "truth" is better or more important, for it is merely their own perspective and level of understanding. Something may resonate with us for a while, but never hesitate to move on and let go of things.

Personally it has indeed been an intense phase since this full moon we had. So much is shifting and my inner state and values are expanding and go though a deep change. To me all these things gone through these last few days has brought me an even deeper awareness of how easy it is to put focus and energy into stagnated beliefs, dreams and things.
I am sure many of you feel the intensity as of late, and my greatest advice is to slow down, take a step "back" and observe more. Simplify, simplify, simplify. When we truly look with fully open eyes and minds, there's lots we can release and let go of. 

Have a beautiful day! Simplify, slow down and be present ~ Lina Louise