October 15, 2014


Beloved Family of Light <3 In this period since the full blood moon eclipse we are receiving energy influxes that can truly shake up everything, and trigger significant change in one way or another, depending on our journey and what is for our own higher good in this now. 

We are BEcoming aware and embodying our multidimensional aspects/BEing as One in the New Now (old timelines are being wiped away, in a way, as we bring it all into the Now). And we are activating our Light body self more and more. Another layer is BEing peeled off, old beliefs, egoic ideas/desires, habits, convictions, and projections that we have built our foundations upon are BEing released so that we are ready for another chapter and simply have room for something New. As we go through the processes of release/death and rebirth, we may have beautiful breakthroughs. 
All this is a choice of course, it is something we do consciously, as we have free will to not embrace the new and keep our focus on the old. Let's honor our right to choose. And let's have respect and unattached compassion for All, as all are on their own unique journey of ever BEcoming in a pace that is perfect for them. Honor our differences and uniquenesses. We all have a unique role in this oneness. <3

We will have a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 23, which will stir up and shake up things yet again, as our foundation is built upon old beliefs, which I feel many are realizing in this eclipse season. Remember that we have the ability to choose, we can choose to BE within Love and Light, if we so feel, and take the road of least resistance. BEing within Love and Light has nothing to do with always being happy and shining our brightest, it simply means that we go through every now moment with an open heart and mind, and are not attached to the old.  

Let go, stay open, calm, grounded, and present, loves, enjoy and savor every moment in this period. I AM feeling that it is important to BE in our sacred space/core (Bubble of Love) and live and interact with others from there. This has nothing to do with cutting ourselves off from others/not being social, or has to do with our circumstances, and it has nothing to do with pleasing others or accept behaviors/people that is not uplifting (nothing "wrong" with not being uplifting, but we all have at least the right to release something/someone that is not, if we so feel it is right for us). It's about embracing it all, and at the same time know/feel what we allow in our own lives, Balance.

Wishing you a beautiful present moment:)
I Love You <3

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