October 14, 2014


Beloved ones <3 This is how I feel perfection. We truly are "perfect" in this Now. But as long as we are seeing imperfections we will simply never fully feel true contentment and freedom in every moment. Because if we do not truly feel that we are perfect- we will sort of always feel a need for "more" (our actions and lives show us if we strive for "more" or if we truly feel happy and content just the way it is and don't "search", wether it is searching within ourselves or in the "external" such as people or experiences). It is of course natural that we have a desire to BE our highest potential/"best", it is so simply because we all have that deep inner knowing that we are perfect of course, because we can only wish/strive/want something that we already have within. What many seem to perceive as perfection though, really has nothing whatsoever to do with it, such as our physical appearance, what we do or what we Create. Who is to say what perfection truly is?, what is "right"/"best"/most important is as varying as there are Sparks of individualized aspects of source energy, which is what we are, infinitely. 

Perfection is fully loving ourselves just as we are right Now. No rush, no pressure, no hurry etc. Just Love the self and all its parts and aspects, as the perfect expression of the One/Source that we are in truth at all times. Remember, this is not even about the way we Love. No. This does not require any sort of practice or evidence in any way whatsoever.
Remember, this pure contentment does not mean that we will not learn "new" things, and expand in this physical vehicle, it's in fact the opposite. As we get into pure contentment and true flow, we open up and get receptive to so much more Magic, miracles and whatever that is for our higher good at the moment on our journey.

Infinite powerful Creator BEings. Existing and Creating for the enjoyment of it. Follow your True Hearts passions/desires.

I Love You <3

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