October 13, 2014


Hi there, bright hearts, happy Monday to You <3 
This past week and especially this weekend have brought so much new, truly wonderful it is. I have been processing a lot of things, in so many areas, and I felt/feel a big shift. Everything feels clearer and clearer in a way, it may be a bit overwhelming as we expand, get revelations, see things clearer/more consciously, and also embody our multidimensional aspects. So the important thing in this is to stay open and without expectations, stay centered in our core, in our hearts, then combine it with our higher mind, and stay deeply grounded <3 

Enjoy this time which is bringing us SO many opportunities, it's truly amazing, savor every moment, stay centered in the core no matter what goes on around you and/or in the world/collective. This is what we all have the opportunity to do, Master BEing in our Love, and fully know and feel that it truly does not need any sort of practice or evidence. In truth, it's so very simple.

Wishing you all a wonderful new week, loves. May it bring you lots of blessings and miracles. 

I Love You <3

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