October 8, 2014


Happy total lunar Eclipse, Beloved hearts <3 These upcoming weeks will bring many of us profound expansion, transformation,shifts, and downloads, death and rebirth. We are to stay deeply grounded into Mother Gaia and stay centered in our Core/hearts. This most powerful blood moon is about liberation, and the grand fire trine that is going on is bringing healing, so freedom is what it brings us if we so allow. Freedom so that we can move forward beautifully and in this stay true to our Self. So I will simply share with You, loves, how I feel freedom, how our freedom- and work we do within it uplifts, my take on it. 

We are here to help each other, within Love, if we so choose, we are just to remember that it is not the same as having a responsibility to make people feel loved, good, happy, satisfied, free, approved etc. That is something we all are to find Within us, no matter the circumstances. That is what we are here to remember/learn. We help each other by following whatever way we feel is our path, simply follow our passions, which when coming from our true heart, always also serves others in one way or another <3 This, we are to combine with enjoyment and fun and laughter, as this is just as important as the other, this uplifts the oneness, it doesn't uplift the Self or others, no separation, it uplifts the ONE. One life. Life is meant to be as enjoyable as in whatever other dimension we feel is fully enjoyable. We are to anchor it Here and Now, for all who wishes to tap into it. So this means that we are never truly meant to push ourselves and feel so stressed that we can't enjoy life, which is more than common on our planet. This human life is not meant to be uneasy, hard, make us suffer in any way. It's only difficult if we allow it to be. And our respond to any challenge or circumstance completely determines the outcome. It's about us responding rather than reacting. "Free will" determines the outcome, no exceptions (in our lives, in astrology, in everything). 

The challenges and "negative" emotions we experience in this reality is simply tests for us and not meant to bring us out of alignment, rather we have the option at all times to stay in our Core. There's simply nowhere we are to "go" or become, we already Are, and Home is exactly here and now of course, always within us. We are meant to enjoy, in whatever way we might feel that is. Simply no right or wrong way, no good or bad. The roads are as many as there are individualized sparks of the one. It's about following our own truth, our feelings, our inner knowing. Balance is truly everything here, so that is to be our priority if we desire to BE in our highest potential in the Now. The thing we must ask ourselves is, what can we do different?, if we wish something "new", and it hasn't come about, it simply means that we got to change something, it can't come about through how we are used to do things, balance is key. No excuses, no blaming on circumstances/people or having beliefs about timing. We are Creator BEings in the Now.
There is simply One Consciousness, consciousness is physics, and has nothing to do with quantity, time, place etc. 

So soar high!, savor every moment, enjoy life and all it's tasks. Know that the challenges are only meant to help us expand and spread our wings, not bring us out of alignment/balance. Enjoy You and Trust yourself, your feelings, and your experiences. 

Have a happy Full Moon, dear sisters and brothers, stay Grounded and Grateful <3 I AM grateful for You All and for BEing exactly where I AM.

I Love You <3

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