December 21, 2014

Early Christmas Celebrations, & Preparing My Birthday

Hi beloved ones <3 I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday:) Just wanted to pop in here on my blog and say hi <3 Woooh, tomorrow (Sunday) is my birthday!, I AM so very grateful to BE here on Gaia, dancing the dance of Love and Life, and I will celebrate this even more on my day <3

I've been at a little Christmas celebration with my dad and his side of the family. I Love to just stroll around in my grandma and grandpas house and look at their little trinkets, I snapped a couple of pics to share with you. I made raw, vegan lemon balls and brought with me there, recipe coming soon here on the blog;)

It is now after midnight here (so it is officially my day! ;P ) and now I will make my birthday "cake" so it's done for tomorrow;) I will make raw, vegan chocolate "cheesecake", it's one of my faves:) I have the recipe here .

Sooo much Love, harmony and peace from me to you, thank You for BEing You. Wishing you a most lovely present moment. I Love You <3

Christmas village at my grandparents<3 Love all the twinkly lights;)

Raw, vegan lemon balls. I will share the recipe with you soon <3

My grandma had made this amazing kale salad with apple and walnuts. 
I will share the recipe on this for sure!! 

My amazing sister and me tonight <3 <3 Love her BEyond words <3


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