December 14, 2014

Upgrading. Bombardment Of Light

Dear ones <3 Can you feel the absolute bombardment of Light/upgrades we are having? It's been a couple of interesting days, to say the least:))
My physical body feels so tired, activations going on, big time!! Feeling it especially in head, ribs, spine, and abdomen. All day yesterday I felt that veils were BEing removed, how dimensions were unifying. When this occurs, we can feel very "strange" and "off", as we are sort of in between dimensions. Embrace and BE grateful for it, no matter how it feels and how much that may need to be released. Take as much moments as you can/feel to rest, sleep, listen to your body/within to know what it needs at the moment. <3

We are integrating multiple dimensions and timelines to walk in in this physical reality that we are transmitting from within (wether we are aware of it or not). So observe, and notice how much easier it is to not participate in "old" realities when we have unified some more within. Realities equals dimensions:) 

Honor this, honor and BE grateful for the "weirdness"/releases/physical "uncomfortableness", as it is all a sign of huge shifts/upgrades/Light embodiment. It will never stop, this is the New, upgrades/change is constant Now. It will only amplify.
Open up the heart and mind, let go of the control of the human mind. We do not need to try to understand it all with our human mind. We are to listen within and to our bodies, flow with it and not resist (fixate/hold on to "old"), because that is a lot like stopping a flood of water, when you let it flow once again- it has collected sooo much water that it gets very intense. 

Flow with what your body needs, rest and sleep if you so feel. No need to BE "out there", in physical/social media/"collect info" so much. You have all you need Within, listen and BE what your true essence is:) be fully present with yourSelf.
Magnificent BEings you are!

I Love You <3

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