December 14, 2014

Went To The Christmas Market

Hi there!, I hope you are having a lovely weekend <3 I AM really getting into the Christmas mood, and today was such a wonderful day. We went to a Christmas market in a super cute small village that I always Love to visit, oh the wonder of strolling around there in what looks like a fairy tale place to me.. <3 So happy and grateful for going there:)

Adorable tiny house where you can go in and look at/shop antiques, and art. Really pretty
things in there;)

Browsing around and looking at pretty little ornaments and such requires focus and concentration;P

Awww this ornament is a horse with wings! Love it! <3

Glowing Angel holding a heart. So pretty! Look at those fluffy wings!

Love this:) They had decorated a tree with apples <3

Adorable little cottage <3

Oh.. I wouldn't mind living on a place like this :D <3

Omg so cute... looks so Magical <3 <3 <3

Beautiful wreaths is always a good idea;) I Love to create them myself, only the imagination 
sets the limits;P

So may talented and creative beings at the market, their creations were beautiful.

Strolling around, enjoying the Magic <3

I hope you enjoyed these little glimpses of Christmas Magic from my day:)
Wishing you a wonderful rest of your day and weekend. Stay present, 
grounded, and grateful ;)

I Love You <3

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