June 26, 2015

Glimpses Of My Essence Through My Home

Beloved ones <3 Many of us have gone through huge shifts lately, and last weekends solstice gateway brought us support in this even more. I AM aware that it is so for me in all ways. One of the things that also show this is our desire to change and simplify our creations and doings. Bring in even more of our true essence, current embodiment, and Love into it. 

Here are some glimpses of my home, to me, it is a reflection of my essence. I simply enJoy to decorate and make my surroundings reflect my current state. It is a way to let my creativity flow and to have fun. <3

Many of the pieces I have are thrift store finds, gifts, or pieces that has been with me for many years. It shows that we do not need to spend lots of money to be able to make a nice home that we Love. All we are to do is to stay focused on our intentions, feel our Magic, be aware, and truly be open to see, feel, notice and receive what is available for us, take action and create. <3

I have framed the two paintings I made for myself, and have them standing on my dresser. The lavender branches are from the garden, they give off a divine soothing scent. Lavender is beautiful to use if you wish to protect and let your crystals stay clear and pure. Put some lavender together with crystals if you are sending them somewhere or are out traveling.

A bowl on my desk with my yin and yang stones in <3 Reminding us of the universal perfection and balance in all ways in every moment. Whatever we perceive and feel as unbalanced is merely a chance for us to bring in the awareness of balance into it, and notice that unbalance is merely a belief. Love both the balance and the belief of unbalance. Honor our freedom to give things meaning. <3

A few lilac branches in bloom. I AM thanking them for the beauty and wonderful scent they wish to serve with in this moment <3

I AM so happy with my new Bubble of Love charm that I created for myself. This charm holds the Light of pure God-Goddess Love. I have my rose quartz hearts in the middle, and my two raw opals hanging at the bottom. Opal is the prime stone of Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty. I made this charm white, this color contains all colors and it represents unity. <3

A bowl of beach treasures that a dear friend gifted me with. They are so beautiful. The look and feel to them brings me straight to the ocean with all its Magic. <3

On my corner shelf I creep my bigger raw quartz. These babies are charged up with beautiful powerful solstice energy because I put them out in the garden as we had the gateway. <3

I hope you enjoyed my little glimpses, and I hope you are enjoying your own unique essence and creations. Shine bright and make your Magic. 
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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