July 29, 2014


Beloved Sparks <3 

Oh goodness, so much expansion on all levels, opening up the mind, opening up the heart, opening up to the authentic Self. We are in what feels like a space between the old and the new. A Void, a Shift. 
We are releasing/clearing what is left to clean from our past, so that we can embrace the present, the future, and the past in the Now, in Love, purity, and compassion. Our authentic Self is emerging beautifully. We just got to surrender fully and in Love- embrace every aspect, part, and particle of ourselves, no matter what it is and what doings/experiences we have had. We are to see through the lens of beautiful neutrality and compassion/understanding fully. As we surrender like this, we connect more to our core, our inner Spark, which is who we are and have been since the beginning of Creation.

So stay deeply present, surrender, listen, trust, and nurture yourself at this intense time. I feel that the body integration is intense, so rest is crucial, and to eat/drink pure. We are to dwell in this void, listen, ponder, contemplate.. It is needed if we are to be able to make the choices that is for our Highest Good in the New Now. So much amazingness is awaiting us, we are to open up, listen and trust our true heart, focus. Release/let go/pay no attention to all that is not desired in our lives. We Create from within. 

We are Remembering our natural state, we are remembering that we are Love, and are to BE Love expressed on Beloved Gaia. In this, we are bringing/bridging Heaven to earth. As above so below. As our authentic, natural Self, we see,hear,feel, and Know that this is so. It is just a matter of if we are open enough to feel it all. Fear is the only thing that keeps us in the "limited" version of this reality that we have Created. The New is absolutely amazing, blissful, and MAGICal, we are to only expect the unexpected, miracles and wonder. There are no limits, and if we so desire, our journey is to be filled with beauty, joy, happiness, plenty, and passion, as we experience, expand, grow, and learn on this eternal and infinite journey of BEcoming. We are Master BEings who's soul desire is to CREATE, and at this time here on Beloved Gaia, we are to follow our unique Creative passions fully.
We are to Enjoy BEing our Self, Create as the Masters that we are in truth. Make our Magic.

REMEMBER who You are, and what You are doing here <3

I Love You <3

July 26, 2014


Happy New Moon in Leo, dear sisters and brothers <3 This fire sign is all about inner Power, stepping into self empowerment and leadership, self confidence, self worth, honoring and enjoying our own uniqueness, BEing Creative- really focus on our Creative passions. This time is about passionate and true Love, and friendships/connections, so there is this wonderful sense of excitement in the air, as these unions in purity, integrity, oneness, acceptance, kindness and grace might take place.
Be playful, grateful, laugh, enjoy and focus on the beauty/Light in persons/situations/experiences. 

We are to go on adventures, take "risks"- it might become the most wonderful/amazing thing, and the beginning of something magical and perfect/in alignment with our heart. Go ahead, it is time to plant the seeds for what we desire. Hold the intention, always within deep presence, Grace, and centeredness. Listen to and Trust your True Heart. Trust your Feelings, what do You want/wish/desire?, live it, walk it, enjoy it, take action on it, BE it in the Now. 

Focus ;)

I do Feel that this day and weekend is to be spent in stillness, to relax and be still for a bit is needed to be able to truly Feel/hear/see clearly within and without. Stillness and nurture brings clarity, revelations and beautiful ideas/inspiration. 

I Love You <3

July 24, 2014


Beloved Ones <3
It feels like there is a big Opening/shift right now, an intensity and speeding up of manifestations of this second part of the year. I AM feeling so much expansion at this time, in myself- clarity, inner remembrance, revelations, integrations, trust in my feelings/inner guidance, even more embodiment of- and deep Love for my True/Divine Self. This is what I wrote about at the Full Moon, that this period could present all this, if we stay open, conscious, and surrendered within deep presence, and I AM deeply feeling it. 
We are Now "building up" for the powerful July gateway that will occur on July 25-27. I AM feeling how my whole being is buzzing, taking in so much Light/codes/downloads, which means hyper mode with lots of ideas, creating, doing, lots of heat/energy in the body etc., and at the same time there's so much stillness within beautiful neutrality and peace. 
I do feel a bit of "can't wait"/excitement/restlessness for what will come, not much, but this I feel/hear many are experiencing an amplification of at this time- the not-knowing and restlessness  which comes from sort of a "finishing up" and preparing for the new state. All this is also being amplified because of the building of the Light for the gateway- which is yet another opportunity for deep expansion of our consciousness. 

I also witness so much releasing, clearings, and cleansing for many beings right now, it is truly amazing, of course it might not feel that great to be in the midst of it, but it is necessary, to be able to embrace the next chapter. This also has to do with that our DNA is activating its original structure, and our blueprints are activating. The crystalline cell growth is intensifying (we are going from a carbon based structure to a carbon-silica form), this calls for eating and drinking pure, so that we are supporting this. It is a conscious choice to align all areas in our lives, on all levels, to welcome in/allow/BE this expansion of ourselves and our physical vehicles into the New human, who will walk this reality as a co-Creating Master within pure Love.

If we have opened up to and embraced our True Self, and feel free, safe, centered, and nurtured from within- this time will start to bring in increased manifestations, and even more Creativity that comes/gets birthed from pure Love and authenticity- in a more powerful way. This will only amplify and get stronger, loves. We are to open up the heart and mind even more, focus completely on our intentions/true hearts desires, so that we are Creating what is for the highest good for ourselves and all concerned.
Release with Love what does not serve You, brings upliftment, and release excess tasks/interactions. Also release doubts as much as possible, so that we are open and trusting of our Self/feelings/knowing/experiences.

I AM so very exited for all the New, and I hope that You are too <3 We are to enjoy this absolutely amazing time, Feel and BE in it all, every "step" of the journey in this expanding Now moment.

Remember, all and everything in Divine perfection, timing, and will.
Enjoy this time within a relaxed, surrendered, trusting mode, flow flow flow. Every moment is to be experienced and savored within deep presence, groundedness, centeredness, and calmness.

I Love You <3

July 21, 2014


These pieces that I have started to make, holds a vibration of that ultimate union of divine couples. It all starts with our own connection to our Beloved I AM presence, the embracing of our inner Divine Spark. This comes through an ultimate Balance within. Perfectly harmonious yin-yang, of complete Balance of Divine feminine-masculine, wholeness on all levels, a coming together of polarities, which makes for a perfected physical manifestation of pure true Love. The "Beloveds Bubble" capture the essence of this Balance, union, merging and weaving together of these polarities as One. They, merged as One- Create a powerful vortex of this Divine Love. As in all my art, I Create from my own soul, which has a Unicorn energy. 

The Beloveds Bubble of Love, Unity in the White Light of Truth

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The Beloveds Bubble of Love, Joyful Blue

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Bubble of Love, Playful Pink

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The Beloveds Bubble of Love, Uniting Green

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Beloved Hearts <3
I hope that You have had a lovely weekend. I AM sure that many feel the profound change that has been happening within/without us over the last couple of months. Nothing is the same, and we are expanding into our Divine Self, we are opening up to-,embracing and BEcoming our full expression/potential here on Gaia, as a unique eternal and infinite Spark of Source. I have been shown this in a dream I had this weekend, the full embracing of our Royal Self, our natural Divine/True god/goddess Self - where we feel and know our value and right to experience whatever our true heart desires to experience in this reality, such as Love, beauty, Magic, contentment and plenty, in our own unique way. Where we appreciate and honor the diversity, and always intend harmony in it, like the Elohim intended when Creating this planet. Now the original blueprint/DNA is activating within us and the planet, the New Earth is emerging from within us, for those who walk as Love expressed. Pure Love is the key. Pure Love is a state of BEing in inner freedom and no fear, we feel complete Trust in our feelings, inner guidance/true heart, ourselves, we know our Truth, and have compassion for all.

At this moment and some time ahead, we may feel the urge to be a bit of a hermit. Our DNA is activating/changing and we have an acceleration and increase in our crystalline cell growth. We are bringing All our aspects, parts, "ancient" expression, and full Divine Self into the Now to BEcome the New human, who can walk this reality as a conscious multidimensional being in its full potential. I got visions yesterday of how the crystalline cell growth in the body is increasing at this time, for those who have made a conscious choice to walk this reality as their True Self, to live on planet Gaia in a higher dimensional state/reality, to bring into the Now their full potential. To live "Heaven" on Earth.

As the intensity and "speed" of our expansion and growth into all this is getting stronger and more rapid, we may very well feel the need to take time for ourselves for a while/as much as we can, if it so is to not be around many people and/or put away the phone/laptop more often. It is a time for being a hermit and enjoy the inner "Bubble" (core/Spark of our being, where there is perfect balance, harmony, and peace at all times) in more solitude than usual. We need this time of solitude, and shall honor and enjoy this stage of our process, by fully listening to our true heart and follow it. Take some time to just be, feel the expansion, enjoy our inner remembrance, embrace it all within deep presence.

I AM feeling that this period will bring profound revelations, remembrance, and clarity if we stay relaxed, open, conscious and in a surrendered mode. I have experienced this deeply these last few days, and I feel that it will only increase as this summer proceeds.

Stay deeply Grounded into Mother Gaia, stay, eat, drink pure, listen to what the body and the inner needs at this time, enjoy some time for You, take a vacation (in the physical and mind, or just mind). We need this to be able to embrace the change/shift fully.
Flow flow flow, open up the heart and mind, open up to/make a conscious choice/intend absolute Magic, miracles, and wonder in the New Now. There's sooo much beauty and abundance to experience/CREATE as a co-creating Master BEing here on Beloved Gaia <3 It is a choice, always a choice to align with it, let's honor and be grateful for our Freedom to choose.

So much Love to You All, dear Family of Light, may You enjoy this absolutely amazing time, enjoy Your True Self.
All and everything in Divine perfection and timing, and accordance to Divine will, always.

I Love You <3

July 18, 2014


The more we simplify our lives/ourselves, and connect to our Core, the less distracted we will be, and the more we will amplify the Light of Truth, and live in the Light of our Soul awareness. It may be easy for many beings to get distracted in life, there is always a constant flow of external info/opportunities/situations etc. that can distract our path of living as- and being our authentic Self in this reality. Of course everyone go through what is needed to BEcome more conscious and aware as a being, but we always have a choice and the opportunity to live as our True/Divine Self, to- through a conscious choice and openness, take the road in life that brings us Home. To truly and fully listen and go with our true heart, our feelings/inner guidance, and not lower mind/egoic tendencies.

The key is to bring simplicity to all levels of our BEing. We are to enjoy and let pure Love flow through us in every moment, within deep presence, awareness, and centeredness - this brings such a beautiful sense of contentment and bliss. Stay grounded, calm, conscious, and focused <3 BEing centered, authentic, and in the moment whatever the task. Every task/doing is to be embraced, enjoyed, savored, and experienced with presence and grace. 

Wishing You a Happy Friday and a lovely weekend, enjoy it as much as possible within deep presence and groundedness:)

I Love You <3

July 12, 2014


Happy Full Moon/Super Moon in Capricorn <3

As always, the Full Moon is the culmination of what we started two weeks ago at the New Moon. On this journey of ever unfolding, growing, expanding, learning and BEcoming, as a Self conscious being- we have Now come to this highly emotional time of deep embodiment, that is focusing on our relationships, our roots, Family, connections, romance, sensuality, and fertilization. 
I feel that this time is about the gathering of our Core Soul Group Families (a group of 12 Souls/"Bubbles" of perfectly harmonious yin-yang essences, Divine feminine-masculine polarities balanced as One). We are being, through joy, magnetized and pulled together to work as One for the higher good of All, and bring together/combine our uniqueness, powers and knowledge to take Mother Gaia to a New level. 

It is a time for profound revelations, epiphanies, and clarity, if we stay open, conscious, and in a surrendered mode. We may feel aspirational and have a sense of good Self esteem in this period, we are so very graceful and gentle, no bragging/immature games. 
We feel the urgent need to express our feelings in a deep way (in a mature, loving, kind, and caring way of course).

With the Full Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer- we are being asked by this polarity to find Balance. Balance and Mastery between and in our responsibilities/career and family, roots, nurturance, and home. Balance between our inner and the outer. In the New it is a conscious choice in every moment to align (through our inner/true heart/feelings) with our intentions and passions. As within so without (in the New, it is so as long as it is in accordance with the highest good of All, Divine Will, through a combined higher heart and higher mind, and Not egoic desires/tendencies coming from the lower mind and works through free will). Living in the New is about consciously choosing reality in every new Now moment. We are to ground ourselves into Mother Gaia, go Within, center ourselves in the present moment completely. In this, Balance is found, and we naturally Know (feel) where to focus in every moment so that we live with Balance between all our areas, aspects, and expressions. We are to Focus on and engage in what is truly worthy/important for us in our life, and release with Love the unnecessary tasks/interactions, if there are any.

We are here to Love and be Loved, as the individualized unique expressions of source. As the Creative Masters that we are in Truth- we are to Create with the highest vibration- pure true Love. We deeply feel that we Create and exist purely for the sake of Creating and existing. It brings our being Bliss beyond words to infinitely and eternally BEcome. We just Love the frequency of Joy, and as we Create in pure true Love- we simply do it for the enjoyment of it, as the Creative beings that we are. We are to let pure Love flow through us and into all we do. 
Enjoy this Super Moon, dear hearts. Stay calm, grounded, pure, and centered. Take time to relax, rest and just be, to process and integrate more easily this profound Shift that we are in. 

I Love You <3

July 1, 2014


Happy Magical blissful amazing July, Beloved Ones <3
Oh my!, already July, this year is flying by:)) omg, did that rime nicely or what? Lol <3
Let's stay Open, Centered, and without expectations as we move into this second part of 2014. 

First of all, let us take a moment to pause and reflect, really acknowledge and celebrate how much we have accomplished and expanded so far. It is truly amazing. <3

I AM having a feeling that this will be a phase of intense shifts/changes and happenings on a personal and on a collective level. A wave of profound Creative energy is starting to flow over us Now, and this will bring us beautiful opportunities to start Creating what we desire on a Soul level- what we desire/feel in our pure true heart. It feels important to stay deeply present, grounded and conscious as we move into the New Now as the co-Creating Masters we are in Truth, we are to find Balance in all areas. Many things will start to set in motion and start to manifest/materialize that which we have been Creating within us, so we are to BE deeply connected to our inner at all times, as we start to "plant these New seeds for us", and take beautiful action with a clear intention and focus. There might be profound changes within us and also around us on all levels. We are to let go completely of the old, wether it is a belief (we are only bound to that which we perceive to be true) or something tangible. Integrate and embody the New in the Now, the New brings a deep sense of Lightfulness and Brightness, it brings us excitement in growing and expanding, observe and decide in which direction to move about, and release with Love what no longer serves us/bring us upliftment. 
Embrace this energy of Light that bring us opportunities that are in accordance with our intentions. Remember that those things that stays deeply and firmly anchored in our heart, those precious and rare things that bring us a feeling of DEEP joy/calm/excitement/Soul Bliss- they are True, pure, and Real. Follow it completely and fearlessly. 

Together in One Divine Love, as we embody more and more of our Divine Self- we through our merging of the feminine-masculine within us ignite the third energy which is the Creative energy- the Life Force itself, and this Love-Light Bubble around our whole BEing emanates out around this whole planet, cosmos and beyond.. <3

Wishing You a most wonderful time ahead. Enjoy it within pure true Love, dear hearts. May You feel blissful, harmonious, and safe. So much Love, blessings and miracles to You. Listen and Trust your feelings/heart within deep groundedness and by staying centered.

I Love You <3