September 30, 2015

Reading for Present Moment and for October

Beloved hearts, this is a reading for the present moment and also for the month of October <3
There is a strong message for you of relaxing and trusting that everything will and is working out perfectly and in accordance to your highest good and all concerned. You are right on track, you are exactly where you need and are meant to be for your growth and expansion. Spirit says that you can relax and trust that fully. 

There is a sense of completion of a phase/chapter/state, and openings to even more fulfillment, abundance, joy and blessings. Through a balance and things have come full circle, a new door opens now and with faith and trust in your self, you walk through it. We have so much power within us, and spirit tell us that we are to focus and stay devoted to our true hearts goals and dreams. Patience and not giving up is key here. You are doing great and are absolutely amazing! 

Make a wish!, and know that no matter what, you will receive it and so much more. There are endless of possibilities and opportunities now. 
I hope you enjoyed this little reading and if you wish to receive a more in depth personal reading from me, order your own here 

Within divine Love-Light, divine goodness, and Mastery. I AM, we are.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

Pure Golden Divine Love-Light Stones

Pure Golden Divine Love-Light Stones

These are three new stones that I have been painting. The first one shows an abundant heart. A heart with an abundance of divine Love. If you so feel, open up and receive its pure golden energy of overflowing Love.
The second one shows the balance and merge of polarities. Open up and receive its amazing balanced harmonious energy into your being. Honor the yin and yang polarity balance within you.
The third stone shows the unified heart of beloveds.

Within divine Love-Light, divine harmony, and Mastery, Lina Louise <3

September 27, 2015

Eclipse Blood Moon

Happy Eclipse Blood Moon, beloved hearts <3
We have this most powerful full moon tonight, and its amazing expansive energy is deeply felt. We have gone through intense initiations and been processing deeply lately to be able to fully embrace and move into this next phase. There is complete unification within, and this supports us fully in our highest good creations and manifestations. There is rapid movement into our new chapters now. It is truly stunning!
I AM Love-Light in form, living Love, BEing Love expressed, for the benefit of all. I AM, we are.
Wishing you a most wonderful eclipse experience. Enjoy, relax, feel and BE these pure golden energies that fills the air and our whole BEing. So much Love and blessings to you, sweet ones.

Within divine Love-Light, divine goodness, and Mastery. I AM, we are. 
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

Pure Golden Divine Love-Light Stones

Pure Golden Divine Love-Light Stones

These are my new altar stones that I painted recently. They hold the energy of pure golden source Love-Light; divine balance and divine wholeness. <3

Within divine Love-Light, Lina Louise <3

September 23, 2015

Equinox to Blood Moon Eclipse Gateway

Happy Equinox, beloved hearts <3 We have the Equinox to blood moon eclipse gateway now, until the 27th. May you enjoy this gateway, which also means your own inner gateway BEing wide open. Complete unification, micro and macro One. Align in heart center, feel it, BE it. We, as the unified HUman, experience it all within us too. 
Wishing you all so much Love and blessings in abundance in this magical phase.

Within divine Love-Light, divine goodness, divine harmony, and Mastery. I AM, we are.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

September 12, 2015

Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Virgo, September 12-13

Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Virgo, September 12-13 <3 Happy Saturday, and partial solar eclipse and new moon, beloved pure sparks of source. <3
Eclipses are very powerful. This is a portal into opportunities of profound change, shifts and downloads/transmitting it in the Now from within us as one/source incarnate. Our DNA is activating more and we are BEcoming the new golden HUman. We are majorly leveling up in vibrational frequency to hold even more Light.
May you all have a wonderful, magical, peaceful new moon and solar eclipse experience, sweet ones. Trust yourself, trust your guidance, inner knowing, and intuition. Enjoy nature. Rest, relax and take it very easy, and connect deeply with source to have that intimate experience in divine oneness. Honor your own experience.
I AM honoring us all as the Galactic BEings that we are, merging all our aspects/timelines into one here. I AM honoring the simplicity of source creating, trough imagination. I AM honoring our creative power through heart centered alignment, through Love and aligning/moving away from what serves/do not serve us, this is where our power lies (no fear, no hiding, escaping or suppressing, that is not what moving away means, it is about clearly seeing and feeling what serves our growth on deep levels, then take action that is aligned with this).
I AM honoring living and knowing and feeling self as source. Give things meaning.
Wishing you all so much Love and Blessings in abundance. I AM now moving away more from social media for the rest of this month, to allow for full focus and presence in my own personal experience, in divine service of the One. 

Within divine Love-Light, divine peace, divine harmony, divine goodness, divine grace, and Mastery. I AM, we are. 
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

September 11, 2015

Nature Goddess

Nature Goddess

This is a painting I made that shows a Goddess connected to mother nature. She, trough her pure BEingness allows her Love to flow deep into Gaia and support all her nature miracles and births of new ones

Within divine Love-Light, Lina Louise <3

September 8, 2015

A Sacred Union

This is my latest painting which I made for myself. I will frame it and share how it looks soon.

A sacred union of polarities through true Love, trust, freedom, and wholeness. This holy trinity makes for an anchoring of golden white pure source energy. There is deep passion, adoration, and delighting, which within divine Love opens up to- and creates magic and miracles, it allows source Love-Light to flow trough this union of two pillars of Light.

Within divine Love, divine Light, divine harmony, and Mastery, Lina Louise <3

September 7, 2015

New Week, Fall Feelings

Monday evening here <3 Beautiful messages, apple and banana, grapes, and my epic hot chocolate. HappyMonday, beloved ones, I hope you are having a lovely and harmonious start of this new week. We are really feeling and getting into cozy fall mode here. <3

My epic hot chocolate: 1 cup plant milk, 2-3 tsp cacao, 2-3 tsp coconut sugar, 1 dash vanilla, 1 dash cinnamon, 1 dash pink Himalayan salt. Enjoy <3

Wishing you so much Love and Blessings in abundance. 
I Love You, Lina Louise <3 

September 6, 2015

Path of Unity

Complete unification within <3 No labels, no labeling is the path of no separation, beloved hearts, it is the path of unity. Through the living of our I AM presence, within unity and balance, there is no labeling as light or dark, good or bad, right or wrong, happy or angry, bliss or shadow side. We embrace the infinite dance of polarity within and around us as one. 

Moment by moment, in the Now, we embrace, have compassion for, and Love our self, our feelings, our thoughts and doings. We live and feel it All as the I AM that I AM, as a service in oneness. We nurture every part and particle of ourselves as a mother nurtures her child and Loves it just as much no matter what, and don't feel that parts of her child needs to be removed or changed. 

We honor the illusion of separation for the growth and self realization it brings us. We honor free will and the unique journey of all, and therefor never feel the need to interfere, give unsolicited advice, and tell others what to focus on, do or not do. No conditions. No conditions on ourselves, others, and the whole of creation.

This, sweet ones, this acceptance and Love, this honoring of the infinite dance of balancing, allows us to live in true unity, responsibility and presence. With this simple acceptance, we do not need to know anything, search, learn or study, because in truth, living speaks louder than any words. Love is the highest wisdom, and it doesn't require accumulation of knowledge on our Mastery journey of REmembrance.

Within divine Love, divine Light, divine goodness, and Mastery. I AM, we are.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

September 5, 2015

Golden Frequency

Beloved ones <3 I hope you are having a lovely peaceful weekend. My crystals, quartz and I are connecting more with the frequency of gold, and raising our vibration with it. This evening I put some of my real gold jewelry with these crystals to make a physical sacred connection. The vibration of Gold, physical or not, creates a bridge to source, to the pure source consciousness. It assists in rising ones vibration to a higher state of consciousness. 

Wishing you all so much Love and golden Blessings <3

September 3, 2015

Stepping Into New Phase

Beloved hearts <3 May you have had a wonderful start of this new month. This is indeed a powerful month with expansive energies. New levels of Light embodiment, more embodiment of multidimensional aspects/REmembrance of our true selves to merge as one here and feel this complete unification within us, and huge shifts is what I AM sensing for this upcoming phase, shifts and changes personally and collectively. It will be unique to all and a very individual experience. How our experience will BE, depends fully upon how unattached we are, and our ability to stay open, aware and devoted to our hearts and Soul.

For deeper focus and more intimate experiences as we go though this month of September, I AM dedicating this period to my self and immediate surroundings. I will not be sharing much online. 

Wishing you all a most magnificent September, so much Love and Blessings in abundance. May it bring you even more blessings, magic and miracles. Enjoy it in deep presence and gratitude, sweet ones. 

Within divine Love, divine Light, divine goodness, and Mastery. I AM, we are.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

September 1, 2015

Happy September

Happy September, beloved hearts <3 We have now moved into this beautiful powerful month, and it will indeed bring lots of expansion for us. We are getting closer to the fall equinox gateway, and the unification within us is felt deeply. 

This is my September energy reading for us to bring us even more support for this new month <3 There is so much brightness, joy, happiness and luck in the air. There is a sense of BEing grateful and content with what we have and how we are, and find magic and beauty in the simple things, make the absolute best of what we have and what is available to us. This moves us even more into balanced abundance on all planes. Fruitfulness, there is huge openings to success, as we stay true to ourselves/heart/Soul, open, allowing, and live our essence fearlessly and proudly. A life lived in plenty. 
There may be trips somewhere, or a journey within ourselves to move even deeper into our truth and essence. All unique and depending on where we are on our journey of BEcoming.

I AM honoring us all. I AM honoring the full embrace and allowance of diversity which is key to true Unity. I AM honoring openness, abundance, plenty, bountifulness, worthiness, and proudness.

Wishing you all a wonderful September. May it bring you even more blessings and miracles. EnJoy You, stand tall, shine your Light brightly, give things meaning as self as source, and Love beyond words! 

Within divine Love, divine Light, divine goodness, and Mastery. I AM, we are.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3