January 26, 2015

Mercury Retrograde

Hi there, sweet one <3 I hope you are having a lovely day:) 
Planet Mercury is retrograde between January 21st and February 11th. This is felt, right?! Lol..!

This is the planet of our minds, and this planet is the ruler of all our communications, and as Mercury goes retrograde- we may experience more sensitivity, communications are more challenging both with ourselves and the ones around us, as there might be misunderstandings, difficulties in expressing ourselves clearly, and an overall sense of unclarity and confusion. Things are more in the mental, so there might be a bit of over thinking and such at the moment. 

This is of course not a period to feel as if it is only creating discomfort or such, no, this time can also bring Magic in a way, since we see things from another angle, so we might notice/realize things we would not have seen otherwise. 

Take this time to enjoy pure BEingness more, reflect on what has been and how far we have come and how much we have grown, notice how much that has changed. No hurry in anything, all in perfect timing, and for our higher good. Enjoy to surrender right here, right now- Beloved Gaia. 

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

January 22, 2015

Activations and Upgrades

Beloved hearts <3 Peaceful harmonious beautiful moment to you. We are going through intense upgrades now and we are shifting so fast. There has been super high frequencies the last few days, and this is indeed felt. Also hunger increases with these, lol!
Many clearings especially in the mental and emotional bodies, as these are the ones that has built up most beliefs. Old beliefs must be released so that we can move deeper into the new unknown. Create new paths there, for ourselves and as support for all who wishes to do so too. We are to be fully open, and be unattached to old beliefs, because to be able to embrace something new, we naturally are to let go of something else so that we make space for it. 

So if you do feel a bit of confusion/unclarity at the moment, simply observe and know that the bodies are clearing. No need to try to cling on and try to make sense of it all. 

I have felt powerful activations and expansion in the head, and pineal gland these last two days. An increase of Light flashes and such come with these. Our pineal glands are activating more from the photonic Light frequencies which are coming trough in an ever increasing rate.

Embrace change and embrace You. BE your essence and breathe your New Earth reality/hologram in/out, transmit it from within. Focused intent and vision. <3

We are such amazing Creator BEings, and we have all we need within us to fully BEcome this Truth. So allow for some beautiful balance between pure BEingness/stillness and doing/being "out there" at this time. Be gentle and trust it all. Trust that what you feel/say/do/experience is perfect in every moment and that it brings you exactly what is needed.

The New is fully allowing and accepting of all as they are in their unique essence. It requires full acceptance of change, and it requires full faith and trust:)

Wishing you all so much Love and harmony. Follow your heart fearlessly and proudly;) We are to Live our passion and truth, in this we allow others to do the same. 

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

January 19, 2015

Initiating, and Appreciating the Totality of Creation

Hi, beloved ones <3 Happy Monday to you :) There is such beautiful peaceful intensity and quickening of manifestation now. For me it is so, the creation process (less passive word for attracting) is so fast now and there are so many moments of awe and Magic for the manifestations that come in a very grounded and simple way:) 2015 is the year where we really start to experience our desires and true hearts dreams more in the physical/material (horizontal) plane. We have been clearing, preparing, released, and healed to be able to step over the threshold now and BE the Masters of alchemy that we are in Truth. Creating utter Balance between the upper/"spiritual" (vertical) and the horizontal.

We reach this through Unity-consciousness, and therefor selfless service to the One- embodiment of pure Love and BEing Love expressed. This has a ripple effect which reaches the whole planet, cosmos and BEyond.. We in fact, Create worlds in this state. So this is why 2015 will bring us so much change- we are beginning to initiate and give birth to the New on All planes, to emanate pure Light, and to live as wayshowers of the New.

It is important to truly know and feel that this material reality is exactly as important as any other plane/dimension/timeline. This is the key to freedom and full potential. We are to give honor and respect to form, because in order for the deepest truth to be embodied as you are- form must indeed be respected equal to the formless. There are to be Full honor of the totality. <3

I AM wishing you a beautiful present moment and wonderful new Creations from your Soul. Enjoy the Magic, and remember to not look at the world to know where we are, look at yourSelf by living from the heart space, we transmit our reality/hologram (the true Self and immediate surroundings) from Within.

Embrace the quantum immensity of Creation, dear sisters and brothers in Love and Light.

I Love You <3

January 14, 2015

Raw, Vegan Chocolate Pie

I made this raw chocolate pie back in December for my birthday, and it turned out divinely delicious.
It is easy to make, and I AM sure You will Love it;) <3

Raw, Vegan Chocolate Pie

1 fist raisins
1 fist dried medjool dates, pitted
1 fist dried figs

2 dl/4/5 cup coconut oil
4 dl/1,7 cup cashew nuts
2 dl/4/5 cup agave nectar, honey or whatever sweetener you prefer
2 dl/4/5 cup water
1 pinch vanilla
1 pinch pink Himalayan salt
2 dl/4/5 cup raw cacao

Crust: Mix all ingredients in a food processor till its a nice paste. Press the mixture out in a pie form.

Filling: Melt the coconut oil, but do not make it hot. use a water bath.
Mix all ingredients except for the cacao, add the cacao when all the other ingredients are already mixed to a smooth batter.

Pour the filling on top of the pie crust. Let the pie sit in the fridge for about 3 hours, or over night. Serve as is, or with berries, fruit, nuts, dried shredded coconut, or whatever you prefer. Enjoy <3


January 12, 2015

New Phase- Intensity, Unification, Mastery and Focus

Hi, Beloved ones <3 I hope you are having a good start of this new year, it is indeed an intense "time" we have entered, and it is of course ongoing. We are stepping "up" in our different roles and tasks, moving (emitting from our heart space/within) more- and rapidly into the New which we are co-Creating together within divine Love and Light. "Up" we go!!, indeed. 2015 is the year of Unifying and merging our multidimensional aspects/expressions in this reality here in a profound and what I can feel beautifully intense way. We are indeed entering a state of BEing which we have been told about/felt a long "time" now. It truly feels as if all we have done here so far has, like many says, been a sort of a preparation for what is to come/emerge from within us. 

We are to BE conscious about what we are Creating/emitting from within us, as that is/will be our reality here. We do this every moment, whether we are aware of it or not, so we are to Create our lives and immediate surroundings by aligning with the frequency of it, which we already hold within us. We can see where we are by observing ourselves and our environment closely and consciously, in many moments throughout our days. We know that we are Creating (a non passive word for attracting) from Soul-desires by listening to our feelings and if we feel a pure sense of Soul bliss when we do something.

The ever increasing Light is so very strong/bright now, and it demands peace and harmony. Wherever this is not so, it will stir up and highlight what needs to be changed/shifted/let go of/released/cleared, personally and collectively, on all planes and in all areas. It does not "wait" or hold back anymore. So we will either feel elated by it, or stay in fear (control, old beliefs, victimization, inferiority, judgement etc.) and therefore feel an increase of pressure and discomfort. All will amplify, no matter what "direction"/way we choose to focus on.. our choice/reality/creation.

We are supporting the collective through us staying true to our True Self, our Soul, our essence- by us purely BEing within divine Love, staying grounded and fully centered in our heart space. The heart space is where we Create/transmit this hologram/reality we are in. 
Our BEingness within pure Love, peace, deep presence and groundedness is supporting/flowing into the grid of Light beautifully and therefore amplifies and supports all in their transformation, release, growth, expansion, as we are BEcoming our True Selves here. 

We are stepping up in Mastery, and are/will have many beautiful moments that offers us an opportunity for Mastery. Many of them is about patience, unattached compassion, and deep appreciation of the diversity within this oneness.

The more we move into the New- the more unique in our roles/BEingness we will be. The only way to true Unity is by having deep embracing of, appreciation, allowance, and acceptance for All in their uniqueness, as they are.

Blessings to you, dear individualized Sparks of the One, enjoy and savor every expanded Now moment in this experience we are going through here. All circumstances, experiences, challenges are indeed an opportunity for Mastery. We exist for the sake of existing, and we Create for the enjoyment of it and sense of Soul bliss it gives us. Simplify wherever you can, let go of all unnecessary tasks and interactions as we move rapidly into the New now, and it is key to stay balanced and centered.

Sending you Blissful playful fun from me and this amazing pure winter wonderland we are having here, the snow just keeps falling and I enjoy the Magic of it so much. Enjoy Mother Nature and her miracles, connect deeply and ground yourself into her.

I Love You, hugs ❤️

January 4, 2015

Magnificent Powerful Start of 2015

Hi there, Beloved hearts <3 Happy Full Moon in Cancer, enjoy these energies and stay centered, grounded and within gratitude <3

I truly hope that you have had a lovely start of 2015. I AM sure many feel the intensity and upgrades, and many seem to feel guided to retreat and enjoy the presence deeply, connect even more to our Core. Our journeys are all unique so we are all experiencing different things and are going through what is perfect for our own expansion and growth. But I do feel that this is indeed a year where we put in a whole new gear and "level up" in vibrational frequency profoundly. Depending on how much we still need/are fully willing to let go of/clear/release- we will either feel very elevated and blissful in many moments or not feel so good- as fear (control, victimization, blame, judgement etc.) creates stagnation and discomfort. But REmember that expansion can/is/will be felt intensely in our physical body, and many have body symptoms of the upgrades/releases Now. :)

Remember to drink lots of water so that our Crystals can grow, as we are BEcoming crystalline humans. Our DNA is going from a carbon based structure to carbon-silica form.

This new year truly started with a huge shift and boom for me, on all levels, within and around me, and I can even feel how the air/energy/vibration around me and in my surroundings/reality has shifted. I also experience new sounds of ringing in my ears, so downloads are happening. We download what we need/can handle at the moment and what is perfect for our journey. We integrate it and then we use/access what we need in perfect timing. I feel that all this shows that we truly have moved into a whole new reality, I can feel it deeply. I AM sure You do too, right? :)

The New is about full allowance and acceptance of change, as that is constant. It is about keeping our heart and mind Open, be conscious, and move our awareness to the heart space, which is where we transmit our reality and BEing from. This is not about living from "old" belief of "heart", which can make us naive and BE more in an emotional Love, and live from ego instead of highest good of all concerned. True pure Love is from the whole heart space, it is BEing fully Empowered from deep within our core, and have a beautiful connection between higher heart and higher mind. Balance is everything <3 The more we release and clear, the more receptive we get and can embody higher Self and Soul. This brings us more balance, and the more balanced we are- the more we live as our True Self. Living as our True Self and doing what brings us pure Soul bliss, no matter what our passion is, allows others to do the same in their own beautiful way. 
(( <3  ))

Enjoy this most amazing time, dear ones, we are moving rapidly into the unknown, and are to feel childlike excitement, anticipation, and playfulness as we do. Of course we are to allow All our feelings, and embrace and Love all our aspects and parts. No hurry, no pressure, no right or wrong way, better or worse, just follow our passions and center in the heart space:) There is nothing to fear, and we can always feel peaceful in the inner knowing that says we are to Trust that all and everything is in Divine perfection and comes in Divine timing. We simply got to BE the presence.. choose to make our experiences and circumstances to teachers, they make us grow and learn, and also are opportunities for Mastery. 

So much blessings and miracles to You, sending Love from me and the crystal on the pic, I enjoyed this stunning view earlier today. 
Stay true to your Self, BE your essence. Transmit it All from within, breathe it in/out/through your whole BEing, most magnificent individualized Spark of the One.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3