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In Part 1 of his epic YouTube comeback video, NYT best-selling author and TV host David Wilcock asks profound questions: What if the Universe is alive -- and is trying to communicate with you through synchronicity and the Law of Karma?

What if life on earth is not random, but is guided by mysterious forces that are written into the orbital paths of the stars and planets themselves?

What if the Illuminati / Bilderberg / New World Order cabal is allowed to exist by a loving Creator -- to help us process karma on a massive level and reflect our own negativity so it can be healed?

What if it is mathematically inevitable that the "bad guys" will be defeated at this very moment in our history -- thanks to a 25,920-year cycle that is now completing itself, and is vastly older than human life on earth?

What if all space, time, matter and energy is composed of a Source Field that is alive and intelligent?

What if there is a celestial "personality" that affects how we think and feel as we drift through different regions of space, in repeating cycles of time?

What if the Cabal, New World Order and / or Illuminati are being guided by these same cycles -- and have never been allowed to do more than what the cycles permit them to?

What if they inherited a variety of powerful symbols and teachings that were originally positive, and have since been horribly contorted into something negative?

What if we are now seeing the fulfillment of a vast script that is guiding all life on earth through a series of spiritual lessons known as "archetypes?"

Part 1 of this groundbreaking video series reveals some of the many mysteries in David's epic new book, The Synchronicity Key -- available now for you to order and enjoy in hardcover, Ebook or audio form, dictated by David Wilcock.

If these great cycles of time are real -- and David gives extensive proof that they are -- then nothing can be more important than to study and understand them, and learn what they are here to teach us.

We just might discover that the events we are now seeing will usher in a Golden Age of peace and prosperity on earth -- and quite possibly transform biological human life into a light-body form.

Ascension does seem to be the key. The great cycles keep repeating the class we need to master in order to gain these stunning new abilities.

Great teachers like Jesus and Buddha came here to reveal what we need to know -- and David also deftly reveals how the Bible is packed with clues that Jesus and other great teachers were very well aware of these cycles.

August 28, 2013


I have extremely good news. We have managed to reach the critical mass! Many websites and blogs have spread the message and our Peace Portal activation video alone has reached almost one quarter million views in just a few days. Our collective consciousness at the moment of the activation has managed to strengthen the network of Light on the etheric plane to the point that the whole etheric archon grid is disintegrating fast and events will now quickly follow.

It has been requested by the Light forces that those who are so guided can continue with Peace meditation every Sunday at 11:11 pm Cairo time:

This equals 11:11 pm in Central Europe, 10:11 pm in UK, 5:11 pm EDT, 4:11 pm CDT, 3:11 MDT and 2:11 PDT. For other locations and other time zones, you can see this link:

The negative archon vortex on the etheric plane above Syria has disintegrated as a result of our mass meditation. This means that the Cabal does not have any massive energy support for creating a war in Syria anymore. Any foreign military invasion into Syria by the Cabal may now trigger an action by the Positive Military and actually start the Event. It is extremely unlikely that the Cabal will be willing to risk that, although they will most likely push the situation to the edge.

The etheric archons do not have any large scale geopolitical power of influence anymore after they lost the Egypt vortex last week and Syria vortex on Sunday. Now they are directing all their power to influence key people on the planet, such as members of the Cabal, people with financial and political power, people with media influence and also key light warriors and light workers. Whatever they do, they will not be able to delay their fall much longer.

September will be a very interesting month. 


This is a super yummy raw, vegan blueberry milkshake!

2.5 dl/ 1 cup frozen blueberries
1 banana
1 dl/ 1/2 cup dates
1 teaspoon cinnamon
3.5 dl/ 1 1/2 cup almond milk

Mix together in a blender.


August 26, 2013

August 23, 2013


Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. - Melody Beattie


August 22, 2013


Super yummy peach smoothie!! <3

2 peaches. 
1 banana. 
3.5 dl/1 1/2 cup orange juice.



The pineal gland is your spiritual antenna, and is also responsible for producing melatonin and serotonin, which helps you avoid depression.

The pineal gland is also known as the 3rd eye. Unfortunately, for most of us, the pineal gland has shrunk, atrophied and become deactivated. Peoples pineal glands are heavily calcified. It ends up becoming so calcified that under scans it is seen as a lump of calcium, essentially blinding our third eye. This has been largely achieved through the introduction of fluoride into the drinking water and toothpaste which despite the deceptive propaganda, does not help teeth and actually accumulates in the pineal gland, contributing to its calcification. The other culprit is calcium supplementation, which basically consists of ground-up fossils or bones converted into powdered capsules. This kind of calcium is toxic for the body (it comes from dead matter not living plants) and also leads to calcification.

David Wilcock - Explains The Pineal Gland

How to fix your Pineal Gland: 

Avoid: Vaccines. Fluoride in water, toothpaste etc. Mercury in deodorant. Pesticides. Other toxins. Sugar. Caffeine. Alcohol. Tobacco. Calcium supplement. (A great and safe calcium supplement is Barley grass).

Get 30 minutes of sunlight trough the eyes every day.

Alcaline diet: raw food/vegan/vegetarian.


MSM powder. Read about 7 benefits of msm here:


Chaga Mushroom




Raw, vegan popsicle recipes! Super yummy and healthy!


August 21, 2013


Start practising for the activation now.

Peace Portal Activation August 25th, 2013
On August 25th, a very important portal will open that will bring a strong infusion of Light into the conflicted situation on the surface of this planet.

On that day, the next grand sextile astrological configuration of this summer after the grand sextile of July 29th will take place:

This configuration will be more powerful than the previous grand sextile because in addition to the grand sextile of the Moon, Jupiter, Sun/Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune, the astrological chart of August 25th also includes a cardinal cross of Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Venus.

Therefore the activation of the Peace Portal will offer an unique opportunity to transform the tension of Uranus/Pluto square (intensified on that day with Jupiter and Venus into a cardinal cross) with the harmonizing effects of the grand sextile. This means that all deeply rooted conflicts on the surface of the planet can begin to finally begin resolving if the critical mass of 144,000 people activating this portal is achieved.

This is time-sensitive and needs to go viral! We need to reach masses of people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. Please post it on your websites and blogs. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually save human lives:

We are all doing this activation at 11 hours 11 minutes pm Cairo time on August 25th. This equals 11:11 pm in Central Europe, 10:11 pm in UK, 5:11 pm EDT, 4:11 pm CDT, 3:11 MDT and 2:11 PDT. For other locations and other time zones, you can see this link: 


1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes

2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light, coming from the Galactic Central Sun and then descending down through your body

3. Visualize that Light flowing through your heart and then through your hands directly into the Syria conflict, the Egypt liberation process, prison camps of North Korea and all other unresolved situations on the planet, filling them with Light and eliminating all darkness which exists there

4. Ask the Goddess presence (divine feminine) to come through your body

5. Ask that Goddess presence to direct energies of peace and harmony to all those unresolved situations and everyone involved in them. Allow that energy to flow through your heart and then through your hands into those situations for a few minutes

Goddess wants peace and freedom so peace and freedom will come.

Updates about the Peace Portal Activation: 2012portal



Arrowroot is a starch obtained from the rhizomes (rootstock) of several tropical plants, traditionally Maranta arundinacea.

Arrowroot powder is a natural and great alternative to dry shampoo. I think it soaks up the excess oil at the roots wonderfully! This is the only "dry shampoo" I use. The feeling of using a totally natural product in the hair is truly wonderful!

For brunettes: Mix equal parts arrowroot powder with cacao powder. If you want it to be slightly lighter, use cocoa powder instead.

Sprinkle the powder in your hand, rub the hands together and massage your roots and scalp.

Arrowroot powder can usually be found in the spice section of most grocery stores.



Super yummy raw, vegan chocolate cake!

3.5 dl / 1 1/2 cup peanuts
12 dates, pitted
3 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla powder
3-6 tbsp water
1 pinch of salt
1 cup cocoa powder
Grated coconut

Put the peanuts in a blender and mix for a while.
Add the remaining ingredients (except coconut) and mix until it becomes a smooth, sticky dough.
Add a little water at a time, all may not be needed.
Press into a small baking dish and sprinkle the coconut flakes on top.
Place in the freezer for a while.
Keep it in the fridge or freezer, and take it out a while before you eat it.
You can eat it the way it is, or serve with fresh strawberries, or whatever fruit /berries you prefer.



Red tomato
Yellow tomato
Black beans
Yellow bell pepper

Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Himalayan pink salt
Black pepper
1 small garlic clove (minced)

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Hi! Hope you're having a wonderful day! I want to share with you a couple of videos where David Lynch talks about Transcendental Meditation. Very interesting!, I hope you will find it so aswell.  xx

One of the greatest American filmmakers, television director, visual artist and musician is David Lynch. Lynch is an advocate of the use of Transcendental Meditation (TM) in bringing peace to the world. His passion to help students learn the TM techniques has launched the David Lynch Foundation For Consciousness-Based Education and Peace.

The beauty of Transcendental Meditation is that it gives effortless transcending. It is not a trying form of meditation, not concentration, nor contemplation. It is a unique form of meditation, a mental technique, an ancient form of meditation brought back by Maharishi for this time. - David Lynch  

David Lynch explains Consciousness, Creativity and benefits of Transcendental Meditationand answers a couple of questions on his understanding of how TM can affect creativity and overall learning and expansion of the human mind.

David Lynch: Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain

"True happiness is not out there. True happiness lies within." 


August 19, 2013


Submitted by FatherMotherGod... on 

Through Caroline K.A.

Dearest ones, In regards to channeled messages, there is no harm in asking to speak with a specific light being, but may we remind you, we are all one, and as Archangel MIchael has specifically mentioned this concept to our scribe, and to many of you, we shall repeat it once again. When one is channeling, we, your galactic brothers and sisters, the Company of Heaven, the Ascended Masters, your angels and allies, are all here with you.  Remember, there is no separation.  There may be specific topics, or questions to which different beings of light are better prepared to answer on, and they will gladly jump in, and answer you with love, and eagerness in order to help your beloved souls in the further understanding of what is happening within yourself, and around your world at this time. There is no separation dear hearts, only unity and love within all beings of light, and yes, the dark too, for all beings have angels and allies who accompany them on their journey back to source.  You have all been there at one time or another, light, as well as dark.  Unity and unconditional love brings all of us together, and this is so. As you discover within your journey throughout this present lifetime, and your ascension process, it can indeed become difficult at times when you feel emotionally, and spiritually blocked, by what you have learned, or have been programmed to accept throughout your lives in the way of illusory ideas, perceptions and ways of beings. We encourage you to look deeply into this belief system you have acquired for there is much learning and enlightenment to be done within the mists of density and illusion. The illusion is gradually fading, and many of you are experiencing this throughout your daily lives and with the people you interact with.  Is it not fascinating to see and acknowledge within yourselves, when you realize, “I don’t react to this anymore, and it doesn’t bother me a bit?”  Situations and circumstances which at one time pushed your buttons, simply have no effect on you now.  Drama has little effect on you, and this dear hearts, is tremendous progress.  These are the internal changes we are referring too. Your planet is changing as well.  The degree of light energies which are infiltrating your planet is indeed causing havoc in some areas of your world, and within certan individauls.  These are areas such as your middle East, and other areas of turmoil where the negative forces continue to resist, and this causes a degree of unsettlement which may seem detrimental to the divine restoration of Gaia, and to the return of peace to your world.  Let us assure you, this is not the case. This is part of the cleansing process which so many are undergoing at this time, at different degrees, and within various levels of experience and understanding.  There are individuals who cannot hold the great amounts of light within their bodies.  It is so powerful, the negative energies within them (the abominable programing they have been subjected too) drives them mad. Unfortunately, there are outrageous acts of violence from these individuals.  A degree of insanity yes, and your public knowledge of these acts leaves a film of despair for many who are wondering, is change really occurring?  Many ask us, how could an act, so cruel, so evil, possible occur, and why would innocent people fall victim to it? These souls who have come directly underfoot within the chaos, the victims of madness, and in a sense they are for they may not remember the agreement they made before entering this lifetime, or the experiences they chose as catalysts in the bringing together of humanity, and in the unification of love and light throughout your world, are truly the brave and most courageous of all. We understand, this is a hard concept to grasp, and we will refrain from further discussion of this topic, for the moment.  We only mention this to you in hopes of restoring faith within yourselves, and all humanity, for there are many wonderful, phenomenal occurrences within your world, and great strides are taken everyday to ensure the light prevails, always, and it will dear hearts. It has already begun. We ask that you pay attention to the people of Gaia as they come together during times of crisis, as one, and this is the way it should be.  We are one, in love and light.  We support one another, through all times of crisis, equally so in times of joy and happiness.  Love is what unifies you.  There is no separateness.  There never was, and in order to carry on with the spreading of love and light, we need you to believe this with all your hearts. This is the effect of the great many catalysts who have often given their lives to remind you of this great bond of love all of humanity has for each other.  It is to instill this love within your communities, in loving union withn the hearts of all.  These brave souls are indeed glorious, as are each and every one of you dear souls. There are those witin your own family lineages whom you remember as having had a great impact in shaping who you are today.  They too, where loving catalysts and teachers sent to you in this life time for specific lessons you were to learn, as well as you too, will be catalysts to others.  You see, we are all learning from each other. We also realize there are times when you feel closed off, stuck and perhaps at a standstill in your spiritual journey and may we remind you this is also another lesson in  itself to be learned from if you chose to do so. A most wonderful aspect of this current lifetime, and all lifetimes for that matter is, each moment is an opportunity for further growth and learning. Each experience you chose to embark on, is a your choice which will give you further understanding to your purpose here at this time.  In feeling stuck, or as if you are not moving forward at the rate you would like to go, which in human terms is usually fast, means there is more to look at within your beautiful selves.  It’s a lull period for further introspection within your hearts which is vital for the infiltration of light into your beings, and your ascension process. There is always more to see and understand, more to explore from within, for you are vast and endless as many of you are well aware of now.   For this reason we repeatedly encourage you to go within your hearts as often as possible, on a daily basis.  We cannot stress the importance of this dear ones. In regards to your awakening, since our scribe has asked us to elaborate on this topic, we say, fast is not the recommended way to go.  Many we have heard, want to awaken now.  What is taking so long you ask?  Where is the evidence of change, and this glorious awakening so many have talked about? It is here dear ones, within you.  Look, and you will see.  Feel with all your hearts and you will know.  Many of you may be experiencing heavy resurfacing issues at this time, and rightly so because they are the biggest most difficult issues at hand, and they will keep resurfacing, again and again, just as this scribe is experiencing until they are dealt with.  These issues however cumbersome, are indeed a blessing for they are the key which will unlock your freedom, and your divine truth. You are all so close, so very close to your awakening, and some of you have already initiated the process.  Love is everywhere dear hearts.  Open your own hearts and let it in.  Let is wash away the illusions of duality, and your light will come forth in all its glory, and your truth will shine in it’s brightest form. If you feel nothing is happening, then look at what is repeatedly circling around you in the way of drama, or issues.  What lessons keep coming back again and again?  Do they seem louder than before, are they, shall we say, in your face?  If so, these issues are screaming for your attention, and if you feel so inclined to do so, deal with them.  Focus from within your hearts, how you can truly resolve these issues, release them forever and carry on with your truth.  Dear ones, allow yourselves to rise to your greatest potential.  You are not small and insignificant as you have been led to believe. You are creators of love and light, there is nothing you can’t accomplish, but you must believe with all your hearts, this is the truth upon all truth.  It is so. Your are grand dear ones!  We are brimming with love and happiness as our scribe writes our words to you.  She too is experiencing blocks wich have kept her from discovering her own truth.  You see, this life time is about learning, growth and sharing with others, as a community of love and light. It is a time of change, freedom, and courage.  For this reason we say to you again, forget any illusion of separateness from God, from the angels, your guides, and your star brothers and sisters.  This perhaps was the greatest illusion of all. Let it be known, it is false, and it always was. You are all needed in active participation in the ascension of your planet, and above all it is about the retaining of your freedom, as individuals and as a collective, it’s about retaining your personal power, your truth, and the restoration of Gaia to her most pristine condition. It is a monumental task, but let it be known we are always with you. We are the Guardians of Light, and we are doing our part too, without interfering with the free will of others.  We commend you dear brothers and sisters.  We shall speak again soon.

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How often do you create drama and chaos of a situation that is easy and effortless? When you being to gain a conscious awareness of it, you will be able to step back and realize that, yes, you DO create everything in your existence. Release your ‘need’ for disorder and everything will come more easily. ~ Creator

Submitted by Doreen Smith on Mon, 08/19/2013 

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For today's lunch I came up with a new and super yummy recipe!

1/2 Zucchini
1 Avocado
1 Tomato
Black beans
1 garlic clove
Himalayan pink salt
Black pepper

Shred the zucchini and place in a bowl or plate. 
Chop up the tomato.
Mach the avocado and add the spices and grinded garlic. 
Add the avocado to the "pasta".
Sprinkle the tomato, corn and black beans on top.

Lina Louise


Shine your beautiful light!

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Hi sweeties! This is a delicious dish, I really recommend it! If you're looking for some more raw food inspiration and recipes, check out my Raw Food board on Pinterest. <3

Raw Pasta with Guac
Ingredients for Raw Pasta with Guac:

2-3 Large Pickling Cucumbers
1-3 Avocados 
Large Handful Cherry/Grape/Beefsteak Tomatoes
Small Bit of Green Onion or Yellow Onion
Juice of Half a Lemon (More if Desired)
1 Clove of Garlic
Small Handful of Cilantro
Sprig of Mint or Basil

Directions: Use a spiral slicer or a julienne/carrot peeler to create your pickle noodles!
Place the noodles on a plate and prep a hole for your guac.
Scoop out your ripe avocadoes with a spoon, and place them in a mixing bowl.
Chop up all other indgredients as desired (grind up the garlic especially), and mix them in the bowl VERY WELL so that they almost look marinated together.
When the guac is ready, scoop it onto your noodles!
Cut up tomatoes and throw them on top to add more juiciness!
Top with a sprig of mint or basil. Enjoy!

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The health benefits of coconut oil include hair care, skin care, stress relief, cholesterol level maintenance, weight loss, boosted immune system, proper digestion and regulated metabolism. It also provides relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV, and cancer, while helping to improve dental quality and bone strength. These benefits of oil can be attributed to the presence of lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid, and their respective properties, such as antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-fungal, antibacterial and soothing qualities.
Coconut oil is used extensively in tropical countries especially India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines etc., which have a good production of coconut oil. At one time, the oil was also popular in western countries like the United States and Canada, but there was a strong propaganda campaign in the 1970s spread by the corn oil and soy oil industry against coconut oil. Coconut oil was considered harmful for the human body due to its high saturated fat content until the last decade (2000s) when people began to question the claims of the propaganda. Next, let’s look into some more details of how coconut oil works in our body.

How is lauric acid used by our body?

The human body converts lauric acid into monolaurin, which is supposedly helpful in dealing with viruses and bacteria that cause diseases such as herpes, influenza, cytomegalovirus, and even HIV. It also helps in fighting harmful bacteria such as listeria monocytogenes and helicobacter pylori, and harmful protozoa such as giardia lamblia.

As a result of these various health benefits of coconut oil, although its exact mechanism of action was unknown, it has been extensively used in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicinal system. The Coconut Research Center has compiled a list of potential benefits of coconut oil in both traditional and modern medicine.
Before we move on to the benefits of coconut oil in detail, we should first understand its composition.

Composition of Coconut Oil:

More than ninety percent of coconut oil consists of saturated fats (Don’t panic! It’s not as bad as it sounds, read to the end of this review and your opinion may change), along with traces of few unsaturated fatty acids, such as monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Virgin coconut oil is no different from this.
Saturated fatty acids: Most of them are medium chain triglycerides, which are supposed to assimilate well in the body’s systems. Lauric acid is the chief contributor, representing more than forty percent of the total, followed by capric acid, caprylic acid, myristic acid and palmitic.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids: Linoleic acid.

Monounsaturated fatty acids: Oleic acid.

Poly-phenols: Coconut contains Gallic acid, which is also known as phenolic acid. These polyphenols are responsible for the fragrance and the taste of coconut oil and Virgin Coconut Oil is rich in these polyphenols.
Certain derivatives of fatty acid like betaines, ethanolamide, ethoxylates, fatty esters, fatty polysorbates, monoglycerides and polyol esters.
Fatty chlorides, fatty alcohol sulphate and fatty alcohol ether sulphate, all of which are derivatives of fatty alcohols.
Vitamin-E, vitamin K and minerals such as iron.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Hair care:

Coconut oil is one of the best natural nutrients for your hair. It helps in healthy growth of hair and gives your hair a shiny quality. It is also highly effective in reducing protein loss which can lead to various unattractive or unhealthy qualities in your hair.
Coconut oil is extensively used in the Indian sub-continent for hair care. Most of the people in those countries apply coconut oil on their hair every day after bathing or showering. It is an excellent conditioner and helps the re-growth process of damaged hair. It also provides the essential proteins required for nourishing and healing damaged hair. Research studies indicate that coconut oil provides better protection to hair from damage caused by hygral fatigue.
By regularly massaging your head with coconut oil, you can ensure that your scalp is free of dandruff, even if your scalp is chronically dry. It also helps in keeping your hair and scalp free from lice and lice eggs.
Coconut oil is therefore used as hair care oil and is used in manufacturing various conditioners and dandruff relief creams. Coconut oil is normally applied topically for hair care.

Heart diseases

There is a misconception spread among many people that coconut oil is not good for heart health. This is because it contains a large quantity of saturated fats. In reality, coconut oil is beneficial for the heart. It contains about 50% lauric acid, which helps in actively preventing various heart problems like high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. The saturated fats present in coconut oil are not harmful as you commonly find in vegetable oils. Coconut oil does not lead to increase in LDL levels, and it reduces the incidence of injury and damage to arteries and therefore helps in preventing atherosclerosis.

Skin care

Coconut oil is an excellent massage oil for the skin as well. It acts as an effective moisturizer on all types of skin, including dry skin. The benefit of coconut oil on the skin is comparable to that of mineral oil. Fortunately, unlike mineral oil, there is no chance of having any adverse side effects on the skin from the application of coconut oil. Coconut oil therefore is a safe solution for preventing dryness and flaking of skin. It also delays the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of skin which normally accompany aging. Coconut oil also helps in treating various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections. For that exact reason, coconut oil forms the base ingredient of various body care products like soaps, lotions, and creams that are used for skin care. Coconut oil also helps in preventing premature aging and degenerative diseases due to its well-known antioxidant properties.

Weight loss

Coconut oil is very useful for weight loss. It contains short and medium-chain fatty acids that help in taking off excessive weight. It is also easy to digest and it helps in healthy functioning of the thyroid and endocrine system. Further, it increases the body’s metabolic rate by removing stress on the pancreas, thereby burning more energy and helping obese and overweight people lose the weight. Hence, people living in tropical coastal areas, who use coconut oil every day as their primary cooking oil, are normally not fat, obese or overweight.


Coconut oil is also good for the immune system. It strengthens the immune system because it contains antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid which have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. The human body converts lauric acid into monolaurin which research has supported as an effective way to deal with viruses and bacteria that cause diseases like herpes, influenza, cytomegalovirus, and even HIV. Coconut oil helps in fighting harmful bacteria like listeria monocytogenes and helicobacter pylori, and harmful protozoa such as giardia lamblia.


Internal functions of coconut oil occur primarily due to it being used as cooking oil. Coconut oil helps to improve the digestive system and thus prevents various stomach and digestion-related problems including Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The saturated fats present in coconut oil have antimicrobial properties and help in dealing with various bacteria, fungi, and parasites that can cause indigestion. Coconut oil also helps in the absorption of other nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


Coconut has been shown to prevent and even cure candida. It provides relief from the inflammation caused by candida, both externally and internally. Its high moisture retaining capacity keeps the skin from cracking or peeling off. Further, unlike other pharmaceutical treatments for candida, the effects of coconut oil is gradual and not drastic or sudden, which gives the patient an appropriate amount of time to get used to the withdrawal symptoms or Herxheimer Reactions (the name given to the symptoms accompanying body’s rejection of toxins generated during elimination of these fungi). But, in the treatment of this condition, people should systematically and gradually increase their dosages of coconut oil and shouldn’t initially start with a large quantity.
Candida, also known as Systemic Candidiasis, is a tragic disease caused from excessive and uncontrolled growth of yeast called Candida Albicans in the stomach. This yeast is more or less present in everyone’s stomach, but it doesn’t manifest any adverse effects since its growth is controlled by the beneficial bacteria which also resides in our stomach. There are many reasons for this uncontrolled growth of yeast. For example, if other destructive bacteria or the use of antibiotics which ultimately end up in eliminating these bacteria, there can be an imbalance of bacteria and a problem like Candida can develop. Also, bleaching or washing of your stomach with medicines or excessive use of chemical laxatives or ingestion of poisonous material can cause the yeast or fungi to start growing very fast and can lead to Candida.
Symptoms of candida: The symptoms of Candida include infection in the genitals, urinary tract and bladder, stomach & intestines, ear, nose and throat, itchy and dry skin, inflammations in internal organs and skin, patching & peeling off of skin (particularly in scalp), digestive and excretory disorders and problems with your hair and nails.
This disease is very common in Europe and America, possibly due to the cold and moist climate and general food preparation, storage, and comsumption habits. In these places, a large portion of their food is comprised of food stuffs which, in some way or the other, are processed with yeast or fermented. For example, these cultures heavily rely on foods like bread, other baked items, cheese and above all, wine and other alcoholic drinks. These things also assist growth of Candida Albicans in the body. The various fatty acids found in the coconut oil are beneficial in counteracting the effects of these habits and can be used to treat Candida.
Capric acid is a medium chain fatty acid (a Saturated Fat) present in coconut oil has antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal properties. This is the same fatty acid present in breast milk and it protects the baby from bacterial, viral and fungal infections. In the body, it reacts with certain enzymes secreted by other bacteria, which subsequently convert it into a powerful antimicrobial agent, monocaprin. In the systematic use coconut oil as a treatment for Candida, the capric acid has also been found very effective in killing the yeast.
Caprylic acid, caproic acid, myristic acid and lauric acid are all found in coconut oil and have antimicrobial and antifungal properties which aid in the elimination of candida albicans. Lauric acid is a saturated fat and a medium chain fatty acid that forms a compound called monolaurin when it reacts with enzymes. This monolaurin is a potent germ and fungus killer.

Healing and infections

When applied to infected areas, coconut oil forms a chemical layer that protects the infected body part from external dust, air, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Coconut oil is highly effective on bruises because it speeds up the healing process of damaged tissues.
Infections: Coconut oil is very effective against a variety of infections due to its antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. According to the Coconut Research Center, coconut oil kills the viruses that cause influenza, measles, hepatitis, herpes, SARS, and other serious health risks. It also kills bacteria that cause ulcers, throat infections, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and gonorrhoea. Finally, coconut oil is also effective in the elimination of fungi and yeast that cause ringworm,athlete’s foot, thrush, and diaper rash.


Coconut oil is strongly recommended for a number of other benefits that are explained below. Using coconut oils has been shown to mildly help the following:
Liver: The presence of medium chain triglycerides and fatty acids helps in preventing liver diseases because those substances are easily converted into energy when they reach the liver, thus reducing the work load of the liver and also preventing accumulation of fat.
Kidney: Coconut oil helps in preventing kidney and gall bladder diseases. It also helps to dissolve kidney stones.
Pancreatitis: Coconut oil is also believed to be useful in treating pancreatitis.
Stress relief: Coconut oil is very soothing and hence it helps in removing stress. Applying coconut oil to the head, followed by a gentle massage, helps to eliminate mental fatigue.
Diabetes: Coconut oil helps in controlling blood sugar, and improves the secretion of insulin. It also promotes the effective utilization of blood glucose, thereby preventing and treating diabetes.
Bones: As mentioned earlier, coconut oil improves the ability of our body to absorb important minerals. These include calciumand magnesium which are necessary for the development of bones. Thus, coconut oil is very useful to women who are prone to osteoporosis after middle age.
Dental care: Calcium is an important component of our teeth. Since coconut oil facilitates absorption of calcium by the body, it helps in developing strong teeth. Coconut oil also stops tooth decay.
HIV and cancer: It is believed that coconut oil plays an instrumental role in reducing a person’s viral susceptibility for HIV andcancer patients. Preliminary research has shown an indication of this effect of coconut oil on reducing the viral load of HIV patients (Reference).
Finally, coconut oil is often used by athletes, body builders and by those who are dieting. The reason behind this being that coconut oil contains less calories than other oils, its fat content is easily converted into energy, and it does not lead to accumulation of fat in the heart and arteries. Coconut oil helps boost energy and endurance, and generally enhances the performance of athletes.
Coconut oil and Alzheimer’s disease: The research conducted by Dr. Newport states that coconut oil is useful in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Apart from this there is no scientific evidence or traditional knowledge of coconut oil being used for treating Alzheimer’s. In fact, it is not traditionally thought that coconut oil helps in boosting the function of the brain in any form.
Why is coconut oil solid?: Unlike most other oils, coconut oil has a high melting point – about 24 to 25 degrees Celsius or 76-78 Fahrenheit. Therefore it is solid at room temperature and melts only when the temperature rises considerably. Hence, if you buy a bottle of coconut oil and find it solid, don’t immediately assume that there is some problem with it. Coconut oil is often in this form, and obviously, don’t keep it in your refrigerator.
How to use coconut oil?: If you are using coconut oil for topical purposes, especially hair care, just melt the oil (if it is solid) by keeping the bottle in the sun or soaking it in warm water. You can also take some coconut oil out and put it in a small bowl and heat the bowl over a flame (don’t use a microwave). Then, take the oil on your palm and apply it to your hair. If you want to use it for internal consumption, simply replace butter or vegetable oils with coconut oil in your recipes. Remember, you don’t need to completely switch to coconut oil, because then you will lose the other benefits of more traditional oils and dairy products.
Can I use coconut oil for cooking?: Yes, in most of the tropical coastal regions, people use coconut oil for cooking.
I don’t like the taste of coconut oil. What should I do?: Try using coconut oil in a variety of different recipes. However, if you get nauseated after eating coconut oil, don’t force yourself to eat it. As can happen with any food item, your body may be allergic to coconut oil and it is best not to consume it.

Varieties of Coconut Oil

There are primarily 6 varieties of coconut oil that you will find on the market. These are pure coconut oil, refined coconut oil, organic coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, organic virgin coconut oil and extra virgin coconut oil.
Pure Coconut Oil: This oil is our most well-known old friend. It is extracted from dried coconut kernels, which are also called copra. It is crude, unrefined and without any additives. It is mainly extracted by compression of copra in a mill, either driven by bullocks or by power. However, the variety extracted by bullock driven oil mills is preferred. Pure coconut oil has multiple uses such as edible oil, massaging oil, hair oil, cosmetic usage, as well as medicinal and industrial use.
Refined Coconut Oil: This is sometimes also called the RBD coconut oil, which is an abbreviated form for refined, bleached & deodorized coconut oil. As the name suggests, this type is obtained by mechanically and chemically refining, bleaching and deodorizing the crude coconut oil, to make it thin, colorless, odorless and without any type of particle (such as proteins) suspended in it. What we then get is only pure saturated fats.
Virgin Coconut Oil: Virgin coconut oil is derived from the milk obtained from fresh coconut meat, and not from copra, by processes like fermentation, centrifugal separation and enzyme action. Care is taken to use no or as little heat as possible in the extraction of this oil. Produced in this way, the oil tastes and smells the best and is laden with antioxidants and medium chain fatty acids. It also has remarkable anti-microbial properties. This is one of the most respected and trusted varieties of coconut oil.
Organic Coconut Oil: The coconut oil that has been extracted from coconuts obtained from coconut palms raised only on organic manure and no synthetic fertilizers or insecticides. The production of organic coconut oil is also completed without involving any chemical in its extraction or processing. This is another well-respected variety of coconut oil. Organic coconut oil forms an integral part of a number of organic cosmetic products such as organic soaps, organic skin creams and lotions, organic snacks and thousands of other similar products. Some of the organic programs and authorities that certify organic coconut oil include Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), USDA National Organic Program (NOP), European Organic Regulations (EU 2092/91), Export Certificates for Japan (JAS Equivalent), Indian National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP), Quebec Organic Reference Standard (CAAQ), Bio Suisse Standards, IOFAM Basic Standards, ECOCERT.
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: This type of oil is basically virgin coconut oil produced from the organic coconuts, in an organic way. This is perhaps the best and purest form of coconut oil one can imagine, but it is rare.
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: Among all the varieties of coconut oil, this is the most challenged and controversial variety, as its very existence is doubtful and the name hardly makes any sense. Furthermore, there are no set standards for virginity of coconut oil. Moreover, reputed firms and governmental bodies are still hesitant to say anything on the matter, nor are they selling it. Basically, further research is definitely required.
The properties of coconut oil do not differ much with their varieties and remain more or less the same. So, think well and make a wise decision before you decide to purchase one of the varieties.
Coconut Oil as a Carrier Oil: Coconut oil can be very efficient as carrier oil. Carrier oils hold a place of high importance in Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and all other systems of treatment that involve massaging. Carrier oils are those oils which easily penetrate or absorb into the skin and thus facilitate seepage or absorption of other oils (such as essential oils) and herbal extracts through the skin when mixed into it. Coconut oil is easily absorbed through the skin’s pores and thus is used as a carrier oil. Furthermore, being one of the most stable oils, it doesn’t go rancid, nor does it let the other oils, herbal extracts, or medicines spoil inside of it. Due to its anti-fungal and anti-microbial property coconut oil keeps the oils, herbal extracts and medicines that are mixed in it protected from microbial or fungal interactions. It also does not alter the properties of the oils and herbs mixed within it. Coconut oil is expensive in several countries; however, in tropical countries its cost is low enough to make it affordable as a carrier oil.

Coconut oil extraction

Cold pressing is one of the preferred methods for the extraction of coconut oil.The quality of coconut oil depends a lot on the method of its extraction. Basically, there are two main methods of extraction of coconut oil. The first is cold pressing of copra (dried coconut kernels) and the second is boiling of fresh coconut milk. Since boiling or heating destroys many nutrients and valuable components, coconut oil obtained this way is not considered as good as that obtained by cold pressing, since cold pressing retains much of oil’s goodness. Machine pressing and bullock/manual pressing are two methods of cold pressing.
Machine pressing: In this cold pressing is done with the help of an electrically or diesel-engine driven oil mill. Most of cold pressed oil used in the world is obtained this way.
Bullock/manual pressing: The oil obtained this way has a better taste and fragrance and is more expensive since the production is smaller, it consumes more time and energy, and wastage is higher. In short, it has a higher price, lower availability and better quality.

Buying Coconut Oil

First of all, you need to decide why you need coconut oil and where you are going to use it. Your choice should be based on your need, like whether you want it for edible purposes or as a carrier oil to be used in aromatherapy, for massaging, for weight loss, or for medicinal purposes. As mentioned earlier, there are different varieties for different purposes. Their properties do not differ much, unless they are mixed with some base or additives that do not contain 100% coconut oil. Below is a list of such purposes and the type of coconut oil to buy.
Purpose————–Preferable Type to Buy
Cooking————–Refined Coconut Oil
Weight Loss———Virgin Coconut Oil
As a Carrier Oil—–Virgin Coconut Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil
Good Health———Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Oil
Massaging———–Pure Coconut Oil, Refined Coconut Oil
Hair——————–Pure Coconut Oil, Refined Coconut Oil
Medicinal uses—–Virgin Coconut Oil, Virgin Organic Coconut Oil
Furthermore, before you buy coconut oil, you should keep in mind that for edible and therapeutic uses, refined coconut oil is the best as it is hygienic and clean. Unrefined coconut oil is good for external applications like hair care and skin care.
Where to buy from?: Except some of the special varieties, such as virgin coconut oil and organic coconut oil, other varieties like pure coconut oil and refined coconut oil are easily available in most grocery stores, especially in tropical countries. For special varieties, you may need to search in larger department stores or drug stores. Things may be a little different in countries which do not produce coconut oil, like the US, Canada, and most of Europe. You will need to visit big grocers in these countries to find different varieties of coconut oil. You can also get coconut oil easily at grocery stores in localities which have higher populations of people from India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and coastal Africa. Obviously, you can order it online as well and have it delivered wherever you live.
Which brand to buy?: It is not a problem if someone in your village extracts coconut oil (quite normal in Philippines, Thailand, Burma, coastal India, Sri Lanka etc.) and you know that person well or see him/her expelling the oil. But when you are buying coconut oil in packs, go for the reliable and reputable brands. Read the contents carefully and check the manufacturing date (although coconut oil has a long shelf life, fresher is still better).
How much to pay? This is a really difficult question to answer. The price of coconut oil depends on many factors such as its availability (cheaper where it is produced and more costly in other places, and it is even more expensive when ordered via phone, Internet etc.). The price is also effected by demand, variety (the refined one costs the least, followed by the fractionated, the virgin, the organic and the organic virgin coconut oils), brand, and quantity (buying in bulk costs a little less).
How much to buy? Buy only as much you can consume in few months, because despite the fact that coconut oil does not go rancid for a long time, it is not wise to store it unnecessarily. You will get better results with fresh coconut oil.
Storage: After you buy coconut oil, the next question should relate to storage. In colder countries, coconut oil comes in good, broad containers. However, if you get it in a pack (tetra-pack or plastic pouch), after opening the pack, be sure to keep the oil in containers with tight lid and broad mouth so that you can scoop it out with a spoon if it solidifies. Keeping it sealed or lidded is necessary because there are other admirers of coconut oil (ants, cockroaches, other insects and rodents just love it!).