November 22, 2014


New Moon in Sagittarius and Sun enters Sagittarius November 22nd 2014. <3

Beloved ones, Happy New Moon <3 
Oh can you feel it?, the fiery Sagittarius brings a spark!, a bit more lightness for us, so we have an opportunity to ignite what is emerging now.
At the moment, the new Moon, the Sun, and the planet Venus are all in the sign of Sagittarius. This is great support for inspiration, broader perspectives and expansion of our horizons.
This is indeed a time to stay in- and live from our core- our heart center, where we Create with pure Source energy. We are aligning ourselves with our pure, naked and deepest of truths and intentions. So this asks us to be courageous and live, do, create and BE this truth of ours.

New moons represent beginnings, and today's new moon occurs in the loving, adventurous, fun fire sign Sagittarius. This potent sign lightens up, brings amazing inspiration, and brings wonderful energies of support, confidence, faith, and optimism for us in creating and taking action on our goals and whatever we wish to grow in our lives. We may get a broader perspective and get more aware and understanding. We see a bigger picture and can BEcome a part of a co-creation with another/others, we move away from mostly focusing on details and our little self, and have beautiful support in moving away from fear (doubt, control, old beliefs). We all contribute with our own skills, perspectives, ideas, and such, on our unique mission here. By us passionately following, creating, living, expanding our own gifts- we move into true Unity, and uplift All of Creation.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is the planet of luck. It brings wonderful opportunities and good fortune, so keep the mind and heart open. Remember that there are no limits, only the ones we set by our beliefs.

This is a time to really celebrate Life! We can embody Love, BE Love, live and create within pure Love. Balance of feminine-masculine/yin-yang brings us utter clarity, knowing, and creative power.

Feel, BE, and make your Magic, beautiful Sparks. I Love You <3

November 16, 2014


Beloved hearts <3 Today, our planet of Love, pleasure, beauty, and playfulness- Venus moves into Sagittarius. This brings a lightness, a sense of "expect the unexpected and beyond imaginable", dropping of old limiting beliefs, it brings growth, spontaneousness and courage to follow our hearts path of Love, light, truth, and peace. We feel an urge to live life to the fullest, and not hold ourselves back in any way due to fears and outdated beliefs. 
Listen to the heart, to that inner wisdom, it already holds the frequency of all that is and all that we are and will be. All that we have around us, all and everything, it is merely a reflection of our inner Universe, micro- and macro, One. All is for our infinite journey of BEcoming and Creating. 

Go within, it is all there in your Heart, it holds all you need, and as we move into this most Sacred space of ours, we feel that oh-so familiar feeling again, Home.

Wishing you all so much Love. Enjoy your present moment.

I Love You <3

November 11, 2014


Beloved Ones <3 Happy 11:11 portal to you <3 1 is the number of Unity, and also what we are, One, we are 1 being in the Oneness, micro- and macro cosmos- One. The nature of polarity is the principle of Creation, and to me, 11:11 stands for the divine principle of two within One. The Balance and dance of oneness between the feminine-masculine/yin-yang/plus-minus/positive-negative/light-dark. 

Every year, the 11:11 portal always brings a big shift, and today's opening is indeed amplifying and supporting this period of immense changes that we are in. Because what it does is that it supports us even more in our focus on full Unity within ourselves- our own inner Sacred Marriage of divine feminine and masculine energies. This Unity; the weaving and merging of our inner polarities- Creates utter Balance and is therefore the key to our true power and how we perceive things, it brings us into Unity-consciousness, and awareness of the infinite Creator BEing that we are in truth.

We are BEcoming master alchemists in this reality, and all starts Within;) <3 <3 

Enjoy this 11:11 portal as much as you can within deep presence, sweet brothers and sisters. Sit back and close your eyes for a moment and feel that inner stillness and silence that you know so well <3 Listen.. listen to what it has to share with you, this is something you already know, it is not new, it knows who you are and what you are here for at this time. Allow, accept and trust it fully. It is all-knowing and it comes trough your connection to your Beloved I AM-presence. 

Honor your inner Sacred Marriage, it is Home. Internally and externally, on all levels, in all dimensions- One, eternally and infinitely. 

I Love You <3

November 7, 2014


Beloved Ones <3 There's such a beautiful energy of stillness in the air. This full moon we just had are all about the feminine/Goddess energy. We are being asked to surrender deeper into pure BEingness.. and expand in working with the balanced divine feminine-masculine principles as one. The feminine/Love is embracing the masculine/Light seed/idea, and nurtures it so that it grows and BEcomes. The masculine is the one that gets the idea, then the feminine takes the idea into the sacred womb where it is embraced in Love and is nurtured, for it to be able to get birthed/Created with the pure white birthing energy- source creative energy, which we can work with when we have an open heart and live from our heart space first. We live within Love, grace, compassion, acceptance and trust.

In the New, it is not so much about doing, it is not about how. It is about feeling, in every moment, is this in alignment with my true heart?, does this feel good or not?, do I feel empowered or not?, and then from there we take action. 

So this Full Moon is giving us a beautiful opportunity to embrace and incorporate the divine feminine principles of pure BEingness, stillness, and nurture, so surrender, surrender is the word of this period indeed. Surrender to be able to get more open and receptive. Let go of old beliefs, take a break from all the devices, constant information, news, updates, etc. Allow yourself to BE, don't try, don't push, don't chase, just be you and enjoy this moment. Beautiful clarity and remembrance comes from this.

Wishing you all a wonderful and harmonious weekend. Relax and enjoy the inner stillness as much as you can.

I Love You <3

November 6, 2014


Hi there, I hope you are having a harmonious day/night <3 Happy Full Moon in Taurus!, wow feels like it was just a few days ago we had a full moon:)) right?, time flies these days;)

Taurus is an earth sign, which is a feminine element. This time is indeed all about embracing things by allowing ourselves to enjoy the divine feminine principles of surrender, stillness, nurture, receptivity, and pure BEingness.. 

The energy of this Full Moon brings to us more clarity in our lives, as it now will reflect to us what we truly value, and what brings ourselves a sense of self worth and what true wealth and safety is. Where does your attention go when you contemplate on what you value most?, and what brings you true value, safety, abundance, and harmony? 
What do we truly want to value in our life?, what do we want to Create, expand, focus on- and bring with us into the next chapter of our journey? Is there something/beliefs that diminishes our sense of self worth and intimacy with a fully open heart? We have a beautiful opportunity to use this most powerful energy to start create/build/materialize our desires, and this is also focused on long-term results. Where do we put our most precious attention?
What is our truth and what do we stand for? 
And all this is to be within true surrender in the knowing that we are always guided through our inner knowing and feelings, if we just stop and listen. We are to BE and create within trust, integrity, responsibility, discipline and patience, stay true to ourselves. These questions are to contemplate on and this is what this Taurus Full Moon brings to us. 

We all are valuable and worthy simply by existing. 

Wishing you a wonderful present moment, enjoy this Full Moon, enjoy some moments in stillness and relaxation at this time, and remember to put out your crystals for a good cleanse in these energies. Stay centered, grateful and within anticipation.

I Love You <3

November 3, 2014


Beloved ones <3 Happy Monday to you!, I truly hope you all have had a lovely weekend. There's so much happening now, we are Now taking on a whole new more rapid pace as we move deeper into the New and our roles there, there truly is an acceleration happening, and I AM sure many of you feel this deeply in one way or another. I feel that especially these last couple of weeks has brought with them sort of a total re-set and a "clearing of the canvas" in all areas and ways. 
We are being bombarded with Light, and are stepping more into our BEingness as Creators of Magic and miracles. We are to flow with all this, not fight it (get into control-mode), follow our true hearts and passions and let go, embrace what we truly feel is for us Now, and work harder than ever before, as nothing just comes to us, we are to Create it;) This does not mean it will be a stressful and painful new chapter/timeline shift (even though it might feel quite confusing at times, and come with its losses or sacrifices as we all have free will and some of our dear companions will stay in the old), but it will indeed be a busy one so roll up the sleeves, loves! This will be different for us all in our unique journeys, missions and tasks, so no need to compare ourselves with anyone, and remember that there's no right or wrong, good or bad, there's simply infinite possibilities and an option to tap more into the universal consciousness, dance our cosmic blissful dance amongst the stars and bring our multidimensional aspects right Here to this reality as One. Creating within pure Love for the enjoyment of it. All we are to do is follow our truth to the fullest. Feel and listen within. Let go and flow.

Wishing you a beautiful new week, may it be filled with harmony and joy. 

Love You <3

November 1, 2014


Yesterday we went to my grandparents to have dinner, and we decided to bring something yummy with us for dessert so I made this chocolate cheesecake. It is absolutely amazingly blissfully delicious, one of my favorite desserts so far;) I AM sure you will Love it!

Amazing Raw, Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake


3.5 dl/1.5 cup almond meal
2 dl/4/5 cup dried apricots
1 dl/0.4 cup dried shredded coconut
a dash of vanilla


2 dl/4/5 cup coconut oil
4 dl/1,7 cup cashew nuts
2 dl/4/5 cup agave nectar, honey or whatever sweetener you prefer
2 dl/4/5 cup water
1 pinch of vanilla
1 pinch of pink Himalayan salt
2 dl/4/5 cup raw cacao


Mix the ingredients in a food processor. Put coconut oil at the bottom and sides in a medium sized baking form and spread out the base mixture in the form. 


Melt the coconut oil, but do not make it hot. use a water bath.
Mix all ingredients except for the cacao, add the cacao when all the other ingredients are already mixed to a smooth batter.

Pour the filling on top of the base layer, spread out and make it even.
Let the cake sit in the freezer over night or for a few hours. Let sit in room temperature for 30 minutes before serving. Serve as it is, or decor with whatever you prefer.

Enjoy! <3