April 26, 2015

Crystallized Stone BEing

Hi there, beloved sparks <3 
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I found this big crystallized stone BEing yesterday as I was out walking next to the forest here. It is such a pure one, and its energy is the most sweet harmonious and gentle one. It wishes to remind us of our BEcoming of crystalline golden HUmans. How important it is to support, nurture, honor and celebrate our physical temples. Listen to it fully and feel what it needs in the moment. 
Rest, pure nourishment and water, movement/exercise, play and whatever we feel guided to do or BE. Feel your divinity and sacredness. Breathe it in and breathe it out, live it, express it, BE it. <3

Blessings from this pure stone BEing and I. I AM wishing you a most precious present moment, beloved hearts. 

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

April 17, 2015

Pluto Retrograde

Happy Friday, beloved hearts <3 I hope you are having a peaceful present moment. I AM sure you are feeling the amazing intensity of the Pluto retrograde that will now BE until September. This is the planet of what is hidden/unconscious within us and collectively, pushed away in the dark/unconscious side of us, things we push aside consciously or unconsciously and do not want to feel and see within ourselves. 
We do this because of fear which is about control, conditioning, separation, judgement and such. 

Pluto desires and supports us in facing these aspects of us so that we can consciously embrace them and make a space for them instead of pushing it aside/create separation and try to "hide" it from ourselves and/or others. 
One can say that Pluto likes to "push buttons" lol ;) stir things up and therefor give opportunities for Mastery, transformation, expansion/growth, new births, and move more into Unity within us and around us, as we transmit everything from within us.

All is perfect and we are always exactly where we need to be on our journey so that we learn and expand the way our Soul and Source wishes. There is no right or wrong way to handle or do things. I will simply share how I AM seeing, feeling and moving through this ever expanding moment. 

I AM the experience, the feeling, and the doing that is currently happening in this moment. Fully allowing and embracing it and therefor there is a lot less resistance; judgement (of the self and also therefore of others), criticism, and conditions. The less resistance in all ways and areas, the more ease, flow and divine grace and goodness I AM. 
Living self as source, and therefore have full responsibility for my life, my sacred HUman temple, my experiences and my whole BEing, and have full empowerment from within.  
I AM, we are.
Wishing you so much revelations, clarity, and BEcoming from this retrograde, sweet one. 

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

April 14, 2015

Honoring Divine Couples

I AM honoring divine couples <3

True Love, two BEings, two Sparks, within divine Love, sharing full freedom and trust between each other. They are whole and balanced within themselves. There is devotion to their purity, truth, beauty, and selfless service to all of creation. They have same frequency and goals, always. Their differences makes them complement and match in true divine perfection as the polarities that they are. 

If we are in, or wish to manifest a relationship/union with another we shall know that we deserve full respect, and devotion to each other which means full faithfulness, time and focus. Nothing else is even in their awareness because they feel and know that their Union is Sacred and Holy, and is therefore Honored in every moment, no matter what they do or where they are of course. We deserve someOne who Loves and absolutely adores everything about us, Everything, no matter what. There is full embracing of- and allowance from them towards each other. 

In a true Union of beloved hearts, there is no doubt, no boredom, no deep lessons to be learned (only releasing of old within each, so that a full opening up towards each other happens). 

In a Union there is full embracing of each other, they honor the uniqueness of the two and honors how they complement each other through this. There is adoration and devotion BEyond words. There is always support and patience. There is completely full Trust, and there is complete transparency, openness and vulnerability towards each other. To share, talk about, and express everything, no matter what it is or how it is or sounds, is a natural thing in a Union like this, and there is never ever any need to hold back or hide anything. 

REmember, beloved hearts. There is no need to hold on to or be afraid to let go of someone who can not reflect back the Love we hold and the devotion we have. Because when we let go, we make space for something new and something that may match our new space and our choice to go for our higher good and expanded reality. Here it is about listening to ourselves fully, listen to what we feel.

In a divine Union, the divine Love the Beloveds hold and share is allowing pure source Light to flow through them to all, they serve creation simply by living Love, wholeness and freedom, and by whatever they choose to do and create. They as true Beloveds also show/anchor for the world the ultimate Lovers here on Beloved Gaia through their wholeness, full empowerment, and balance within themselves and then combining this with the other for wholeness and balance between each other.

Two hearts beating as one. <3

Yes, sweet ones, it is not just possible but this is everyone's birthright, to have a Union with another in this way if we so wish. Everyone can BE a Divine Couple, it is not limited/exclusive/unique to a few in any way. We are in truth reflections/extensions of the divine Mother-Father Love. We can choose to embody our God-Goddess Self and BE it in form/flesh. All starts within. Key is full Love for all of the self, its parts, aspects and particles. No matter what. This Love is then reflected back to us. So by observing our relationships we can see the Love and respect we truly hold for ourselves. 

How we treat, talk about, think about and are towards others is in fact what we are also doing to ourselves. So here it is about having Love for ourselves, no conditions on ourselves, and this makes us treat all other BEings with respect and no judgement, and also manifest a Divine Union. Trust the self, have patience, trust divine pace, timing, perfection, and will. So very simple in truth. 

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

April 10, 2015

A Pair of Doves

Beloved hearts <3 In the trees on our yard lives two doves. I Love to listen to the sounds that these BEings of Love and divinity makes, and watch them as they sit there so peacefully in the trees. When we were out on the yard to watch the sunset the other day they took a little flight and as the two of them flew across the sky and in front of the sun it felt and looked so very magical and beautiful. Just the thought of that these two are here and also whenever I hear them, I get a sense of safety, as if they are watching over us and our home. 

Happy Friday, wishing you a lovely and harmonious day and weekend. Within divine Love and divine peace. 

I Love You, Lina Louise ❤️

April 4, 2015

What Does It Mean to Be a Balanced Mature HUman?

Dear hearts <3 What does it mean to be a balanced mature HUman? To me, it is shown through the trust, faith, kindness, unattached compassion, and Allowance we have, no matter if it is embraced or not by another in that moment (if it is something we share of course). Because it is always a choice for all of us if we allow ourselves to be open and see and receive this from another. It is about letting go of needing to have control (mind), move into feeling (heart space), and embrace this very moment as it is and flow in it and therefore see the miracles and imperfect perfection of it:) 

It is also about having Allowance for all, no judgement, opinions, or need to discuss or explain or defend ourselves and others in any way. Full trust in ourselves as source, trust in our BEingness and trust that if it is meant to BEcome, or be embraced/understood/felt, it will be so simply by us living and BEing open. 

When it comes to relationships of all sorts, a key is to be open and in no way needing to have an opinion of others or such, because that can be very "black or white", since we never fully get the "whole picture" that others may be sharing with us. It is also about exchanging energy with others. It is a communication between hearts too, so it is again about balance, balance between words and feelings. Higher mind and higher heart. Listening and responding, the more we listen instead of just feeling the need to share our truth, view, point, ideas, opinions, the more content and peaceful we get. 

We are balancing ourselves in every moment, and constantly will, even tho it is nothing we need to make effort to do. Balancing ourselves, balancing our relationships, balancing our lives, balancing doing/masculine and BEing/feminine. Balance is everything <3

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

Happy Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

Happy Blood Moon total lunar eclipse, beloved hearts <3 This full moon supports in even more inner empowerment. REmember that we our self is the only one who can ever "give away" our power or allow others or circumstances to make us feel victimized or such. This does not mean we do not "need" others, we benefit tremendously by being open and listen to/embrace what others has to share with us in a pure way. The uniqueness and difference between us is what makes a perfect wholeness. 

We are balancing even more, balancing ourselves, balancing our relationships, balancing our lives, balancing doing/masculine and BEing/feminine. Balance is everything.

This is the end of a planetary marathon which started in June 2012. So this is a beginning of a new phase for us. On deep levels we are also integrating all the changes we have made during this 3 year long process we have gone trough. Take a moment to reflect "back" on- and honor all that has happened and changed within you and around you during this phase we have just ended. Here's to a new phase of infinite possibilities, expansion, BEciming and creating!

I hope you are having a lovely present moment and are enjoying these most exquisite energies we are in now. Wishing you wonderful full moon experiences. 
Within divine Love, divine Light, divine peace, and divine grace.
I Love You, Lina Louise <3

April 1, 2015

Happy April

Happy April!, beloved hearts <3
This first day of the month feels so calm and peaceful, truly beautiful energies. As I enjoyed the beautiful light today and took this photo out on the yard I could hear a couple of doves making their beautiful sounds in the trees behind me. They represent divinity and Love, and the motherly Love of nurture and no conditions. It felt so beautiful that they were here to spread their magic and grace on this first day of April. 

I AM welcoming this month by celebrating our strength and grace we show as we are in these amazingly intense energies with opportunities for so much inner empowerment, standing in our own power, listening and trusting ourselves fully, and wisely choose and seize opportunities that come our way. There is such beauty in complete surrender to the flow of our expansion and BEcoming/REmembrance. 

We live and take action by listening to ourselves, our feelings and our bodies, in every moment, and we embrace wherever new that comes into our awareness. This is how we live and embody Soul, we do not need to push things or we do not struggle and resist because of holding on to old ways, ideas, beliefs or such. 

I AM standing tall and keeping my head high. I AM listening to my higher heart and combining it with my higher mind, living from the whole heart space. I AM trusting myself fully. I AM within complete faith. I AM divine Love, I AM presence. I AM giving a space for whatever feelings, ideas and thoughts that comes up in the moment, and therefor hold them in beautiful grace, allowance and not taking them out on anything or anyone, no matter what, because there is full responsibility and knowing of transmitting our physical reality and immediate surroundings from within us. We are the Masters, we are the Creators. No conditions and full embracing of whatever we feel and allow a space for it in the moment. 

Enjoy these exquisite energies and shine brighter than ever before, shine with inner empowerment, truth, strength, and Soul beauty, sweet ones <3

I Love You, Lina Louise <3